Welcome to Revolutionary Socialism

AKA RevSoc, AKA RevSoc UK.. Yes we have a few names but RevSoc will do. 

This is our new blog page. If you followed us at our old gaff, welcome to our new pad. It might not be quite as pretty in some ways but it’s far more practical and will allow us to engage with you better.

If you’re new to us. Welcome to you.

We have an ‘about’ section where you can find an overview of what we are about, however just to briefly explain for you, we are quite clear in our drive forward. We would like to unite the entire revolutionary socialist spectrum. 

It is always very apparent that the ‘left’ tend to argue over the intricacies of their ideologies and how they would be implemented and the meanings behind each of them, yet in reality most of our ideologies come very close to each other. We can use those similarities to unite for the greater cause. 

Capitalists are welcome to the fold provide they have aspirations of change within the system, so in turn everyone is welcome provided they wish to help unite for the cause. 

You can find all the various ways to connect with us via our ‘connect to us’ tab and you can check out our recommendations, ‘Events and Protests’ and our archives all via their respective tabs.

You will also find here daily posts and weekly featured posts amongst other things. 

Unite and Rise up! We only have one planet and one chance. Don’t waste it. 



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