99G – An impossible task? 

Here we look at why we believe it is possible to get the Green Party who ultimately best represent the 99%, to at least a position of direct opposition to the Conservatives and usurp Labour. 

Caveat: The examples and explanations here are in simple form and represent belief & hope as much as they do fact. However belief is what we must have if we have any chance of ridding ourselves of the most corrupt politicians in our midst. 

Firstly, let’s look at where the Green Surge vote came from in the 2015 General Election. (Data taken from Lord Ashcroft poll of 12,000 people)

We can immediately see where the majority of the vote came from, the Lib Dems, who were decimated. 50% of the Lib Dem vote went to the Green Party, more than any other party. This is followed by previous Green Voters and then on 18%, Labour voters. 

Next we see the how the UK voted by way of a colour coded map.

We can see a clear pattern. Whilst the majority of England voted Conservative, the North was much more mixed than the South with the exception of London. Not wanting to put a too finer point on it but London as well as some parts of the North have some of highest poverty rates in England. It would make sense that the people suffering the most during this austerity would vote for what they saw as a more left leaning party than the Conservatives and things will likely only get worse over the next 5 years. 

Keep this information about the Labour vote in mind for now. 

Next we have two paragraphs regarding voter turnout. 

This is where the idea for the 99G campaign originates. Scotland. The 45/YES social media campaigns worked a treat for the SNP and with a myriad of other factors thrown into the mix it is no wonder voter turnout was high, and look what happened there. 


Manchester. Where Labour held. Manchester has some heavily poverty stricken areas and although Labour held, the turnout was very low, just 46%. Compare that to the 80% in the previous photo image and you will begin to build a picture of how Scotland went SNP wild.

The penultimate photo shows the UK vote share for 2015

Finally the voter turnout for the General Election 2015

  66.1% of the available electorate turned out to vote on 7th May 2015. 

So let’s do a quick analysis of how we can achieve the victory we want and so desperately need. 

As it stands the Greens have 3.8% of the vote. If we can harness just 1% more of the vote from the Liberal Democrats (Who are in free fall) then that will take us to 4.8%. Higher than the SNP (We are aware about the injustices of the FPTP voting system). If we can then concentrate on Labour supporters, especially floating voters and voters who are fed up with the ever more right leaning Labour Party then feasibly we could look to wipe 10% off their vote and take that for ourselves. This would take us to 14.8% of the vote. Above UKIP. 

But then take into consideration that only 66.1% of the population went and voted. If we can also reach that group of people then potentially out of the 31% remaining electorate we could skim another 10% from there and with Labours vote being down to around 20.4% we would see our vote share rise to around 24.8%. Above Labour. 

With that level of support anything could be achieved. All the areas we can grab votes from makes perfect sense and is also proportionate and to a degree at least, realistic. 

This is still a tall order and doesn’t take into account other factors and then you have the unknown factor. What will happen in 5 years time? We don’t pretend we will achieve it over night but we have every reason to believe that this could be a success. 

Again, we know this is simplified, but it gives a brief overview of the challenges ahead.

Join us at our Campaign.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1441881749457892/ 

And our page at 99G

We are across all major social networks including Twitter @202099G


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