Unite and Join Together

2015 looks set to see some big demonstrations, not least the End Austerity demo on 20th June in London and the November 5th Anonymous protest. 

Everyone is talking of uniting and organising from groups such as The People’s Assembly to Anonymous from advocates such as Owen Jones to  hardened Occupy protesters and from  every day activists across the country to every Facebook group with social change as their message.

Also though consider this. Come the 2020 general election we are likely to still see Labour or the Conservatives win yet another election and this merry-go-round of corruption will continue. Unless we can indeed unite. 

If you want something different in 2020 then the fightback starts now, Consider joining the 99G social media and street event campaign, the slogan of which is ‘doing for the greens what the 45/YES campaign did for the SNP.

Let’s get the elite out, and if we can’t do that then let’s at least get a well represented voice for the left, the 99%, into parliament in significant numbers. 

To join the 99G Campaign visit the campaign event page then share and invite everyone at 99G Event

Also visit the page at 99G 

End Austerity Now Demo 20th June 2015
Million Mask March 5th November 2015


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