Why is Israel in EuroVision and does Israel have influence over the BBC?

Why is Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest and do they have influence over the BBC? 

• The Israeli state broadcaster, IBA, is part of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) which is responsible for broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest
• EBU membership is defined as countries within the European Broadcasting Area as defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

ITU Logo

What are the benefits of joining the ITU?

Amongst other things;

• Contribute to global standards and best practices 

• Advise governments on ICT strategies and technologies

Members to the ITU can pay the minimum required membership fee but may choose to pay over and above the required amount if they choose. 

(This in itself should raise eyebrows)

Britain is also part of ITU which means so is the BBC being the British state broadcaster. 

The BBC were recently found guilty of reporting bias when conducting an interview in regards to Israel and the ongoing issues surrounding Palestine. 

Could it be that the BBC had to take guidance from the ITU on reporting on Israel? How much membership has Britain and Israel paid into the ITU? How much influence do those payments have when discussing ‘best practices’ as is a perk of membership as was mentioned above. 

Did you also know that in 2012 Britain along with other countries failed to ratify an ITU treaty as it would have given other countries equal access to the Net? Such a move would have meant that certain countries (amongst other things) would have no longer held a monopoly over domain extensions such as .com and .co.uk


EBU website & ITU website 

and Guardian article on the 2012 failed ratification.


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