Anti government? Stop claiming benefits you scrounger!

      “How can you be anti government when you are on benefits. Without them you wouldn’t be able to afford food”

Have you heard this or some other similar piece of wisdom before? I shall try to explain here why it’s ok to accept benefits even if you are anti government so you can shove it in their faces next time you hear them say it.

The only way I can really do this without rambling is to put the responses in bullet points

  • The vast majority of people claiming some type of out-of -work benefit have at some point worked in their lifetime. They have paid their taxes, unwillingly (because agree or not with taxes, you don’t have a choice to pay them or not) and therefore have every right to claim the benefits they have been paying towards during their working days.
  • You may agree with the existence of social welfare and you may agree with many things a government does, or you may even entirely believe that a form of government is a good thing but believe that by and large despite a good welfare system, the government in almost every area fails the populous and are thus largely anti government. You don’t have to agree with government to be thankful for its social welfare system. 
  • Even if government as we know it didn’t exist and we lived in a mutual co-operation society or an RBE style society which many people who are anti government would prefer, you would still have a form of social welfare, just not as we know it. People would not be left on the heap without help and assistance. In fact it is very much arguable that no one would actually be poor under a society like this. Certainly at least no one would go without. A welfare system does not have to be money orientated. 

We spend much of our time assuming that to earn a living by going to work is paramount to living in a modern society, that without doing so is somehow not contributing to society. We won’t go into it much here because that is also a whole other blog. Within the capitalist society it is easy to understand why this is the case because without contributing by working there are no taxes collected and without taxes there are no public services and without public services, there is chaos and this is where the fear of a society without government strikes the heart of every good obedient worker. The fear that without the system there is nothing for them, that there is only fear, death and poverty. 

If only they could open their eyes to how a society without government, done right, could result in riches they could only dream of, and money is nowhere to be seen. The welfare state is you, the people. Public services can also exist without the need for forced labour, which is exactly what ‘work’ is.

I always say to people; 

  “if you could do your job, exactly as it is now, the hours, the pay, the top down authority structure, everything. For zero pay. Would you do it?” 

The vast majority of people would not. Therefore most people work in reality just to earn money to be able to buy food and keep a roof over their heads. What other reason is there to work? There really isn’t one. 

Oh, there is one other reason. To pay taxes. Without which there are no public services. After all, without government who would build the roads?

The system is an illusion, cleverly designed to make you believe there is no other way and that government is all important without which there is nothing. In that respect you are indeed a slave by any other name.

      Stockholm Syndrome (noun)
– feelings of trust or affection by a victim towards a captor 


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