FIFA & The Banks – The Truth Will Out

If you are not yet up to speed on the developments of the arrests of FIFA officials we have given a brief summary below. Over the coming days and weeks we will be following this closely and updating you with any developments. Also we will be doing our own research (because unless it’s given to the MSM on a plate.. You’re not going to hear about it) into;

Where does the money trail go? What banks are involved? Indeed are the banks involved? Who benefits from the corruption the most? Is there a pattern from certain continents? Why didn’t the banks notice the money laundering? How can a federation as large as FIFA get away with so much for so long? 

We hope to be if not answering, then addressing these issues and more over the coming days and weeks. Follow our blog or subscribe for all the updates. 


You can sign a petition to ask the FA to withdraw from all FIFA comeptitions here at the link
Today in Zurich seven top FIFA officials were arrested and indicted on corruption charges in a U.S inquiry whilst seven others were arrested as part of an investigation by Swiss prosecutors into the 2018 & 2022 World Cup bids.

The Following are the arrested persons. 

  • Jeffrey Webb – head of Concacaf, and Fifa vice-president
  • Costa Rica’s national football chief Eduardo Li, who was due to join Fifa’s executive committee on Friday
  • Uruguay’s Eugenio Figueredo, president of South American football governing body Conmebol
  • Venezuelan Football Federation president Rafael Esquivel
  • Brazil’s Jose Maria Marin, a member of Fifa’s club committee
  • Fifa development officer Julio Rocha from Nicaragua
  • Costas Takkas, of the UK, an attache to the Concacaf president
  • Former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner
  • Nicolas Leoz
  • Aaron Davidson 
  • Alejandro Burzaco 
  • Jose Margulies 
  • Hugo Jinkis 
  • Mariano Jinkis.

The BBC ‘s Nick Bryant tweeted this diagram from US prosecutors showing the alleged scheme
Quote below taken from the BBC 

“…..Several officials have already pleaded guilty, the US Department of Justice says. These include Charles “Chuck” Blazer, the former head of Concacaf, who was previously on the Fifa executive committee…..”

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