Anti-Capitalist? What’s your excuse, Apathy?

“It’s only football, there are bigger issues to worry about”

      “It’s a distraction”

Do these statements sound familiar?

I wish that some activists would realise how two-faced and short sighted attitudes like this are.

This is the exact reason why FIFA has been able to get away with so much for so long. 

When non politically minded people don’t vote or don’t protest because of statements like 

“It won’t change anything” or 

        “Things could be worse”

We often accuse those people of apathy, of not seeing ‘the bigger picture’. 

We as activists often go after the big corporations such as Coca Cola, Nike, Walmart, McDonalds because their unethical values and big money play a huge part in the corruption and injustice in the world be it financial or with human cost in the sweatshops.

Yet, somehow when it comes to the people’s game. The game of football, which through no fault of its own has been turned into a rich mans playground at least at the very top of the game is lambasted as not worth our time.. It’s only football, right? It’s only a distraction, isn’t it?

Before I lose you through uninterest (apathy reigns?), allow me to quickly give a few points as to why you should be taking a huge interest. 

  • The human cost. In the recent Brazil World Cup communities were uprooted against their will to make way for the building of World Cup buildings
  • The human cost. In Qatar (an upcoming World Cup) migrants are literally dying in their thousands whilst working on World Cup buildings. Falling to their deaths because of a lack of safety equipments and awful working conditions. Migrant workers make up the largest percentage of the entire Qatar population. Not to mention the poor wages they earn. (Here is just one of many articles on worker deaths, the death toll by some estimates runs into the thousands)
  • It is said that the World Cup brings long lasting prosperity to a country, yet the evidence often  fails to support this. When Brazil held the World Cup prior to its most recent one they said the same thing, yet old stadia lie in ruins, dilapidated wrecks. Things had improved for a while but ultimately there was no long lasting wealth or job creation. So for the people of the last World Cup in Brazil or South Africa and Qatar, what price their suffering?
  • The cost itself. These smaller nations willing to fork out Millions and billions for the right to host the tournament in the false belief that they will reap some financial reward that will never come or if it does, won’t last, yet many of their people still live in abject poverty.
  • The Corporations. Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike and many more all put their brands to the World Cups. They spend their fortunes on the right to be a main sponsor. The money gained often through those unethical means we so often shout about.
  • The Internal corruption. Do we need to say any more on this?

Here we reach our final destination, our final point and perhaps we have saved the ‘best’ for last. 

Where does the corruption reach?

We know that high level FIFA executives have been at it for ages and it’s about time they had their justice but is that it? Does the corruption now stop? No. The recent FIFA arrests are likely the tip of the iceberg and we may never see what’s under the water. 

Still think it doesn’t concern you? 

There has to be little doubt that some nations football associations are complicit in the corruption and then you have to ask do they have the backing of their governments? Whilst many suggest that the African nation’s are at the forefront of the corruption there are FIFA employees who are also from the Western nations and would you put it past some of those governments to get involved in a few back hand deals? Examples include Russia and Qatar as two stand out possibilities. Who would argue that? 

What of our own government. Well, largely untouched by the controversies but let’s not forget a few key points 

  • The FA were found to be giving ‘gifts’ to other nations during the 2018 & 2022 bidding process
  • The FA refuse to take any decision regarding FIFA, why would you associate yourself with a clearly corrupt organisation?
  • The UK government remains strangely silent on a matter that stretches the globe when we know that David Cameron likes to put his two pence worth in on usually the most mundane of subjects. 

(I bet that bastard is up to his neck in it.)
In short. This has everything to do with us as activists. 

So what can you do? Here is the least you can do.

Visit and like the FB page here 

And either via the link above or if you prefer directly here, sign the petition to pressure the FA to withdraw from all FIFA related competitions and activities.

Don’t be apathetic. 

30/05/15 UPDATE:

This is exactly the kind of comment we mean. This is not to belittle the commenter, hence the blacked out name but to highlight the bigger picture people are constantly missing

Three words were given back: 

Migrant worker deaths.



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