Are Immigrants to blame for the poor weather?

The British public may soon start blaming immigrants for everything from the failing NHS to the weather. Well, many already blame the failing NHS on immigrants so maybe it won’t be long before they start blaming them for the weather. 

“Coming over here, stealing our sunshine and sending it back home to their families” 

      How very dare they! 

Let’s not concern ourselves with the fact that immigrants officially contribute as much if not more to the economy than they take out of it. Let’s not concern ourselves with the fact that immigrants make up much of the NHS workforce. No. Let’s instead focus on why the immigrant ‘problem’ is not a problem, because the state of our finances and the state of things like the NHS has one route cause at its heart. Government. And It has nothing to do with government policy on immigration. 

Here we explain why you UKIP’ers, with your love for this nation have got your pants on back-to-front and why you floating voters who backed the Tories in May have been led up the garden path. 

Thursday 4th June, 2015. You may have missed it but the £14.8 Billion Cross Rail programme, a new train line running East to West right across London and beyond was completed. It started in 2009, one year after the World financial crisis began and the drilling of the tunnel itself did not begin until 2012. The first passengers won’t use it until 2018. 

Cross Rail 2 running North to South across London is already in the works although it is estimated that it will not be completed until 2030 at the earliest. This project is costing an estimated £20 Billion of which the treasury is prepared to meet half the cost. Here is what Boris Johnson said about where some of that money will come from via the Guardian Article;

‘Johnson suggested funds could be found by “smashing open the jam jars” of public sector pension funds.’



Proposed route for Crossrail 2

That’s just Crossrail. What about HS?

High Speed Rail (HS) first started with the building of the Channel Tunnel rail link (CTRL) in 2003 and was renamed ‘High Speed 1’ in 2006. It opened at the end of 2007 and cost £5.8 Billion.

HS2 is more well known and is currently in the works. It will connect London and Birmingham initially before continuing north to Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester. The cost is anyone’s guess. According to the link above the initial section between London and Birmingham will cost up to £17.4 Billion with the entire project estimated to cost £30 Billion. 

However in June 2013 that estimate rose to £42.6 Billion and according to Wikipedia; ‘it was revealed that the DfT  (Department for Transport) had been using an outdated model to estimate the productivity increases associated with the railway, which meant the project’s economic benefits were overstated’. 

Boris Johnson has warned that the cost could reach £70 Billion and the Institute of Economic Affairs have said they estimate the final cost to be £80 Billion.

Building won’t begin until 2018 and is not expected to be open to the public before 2025. The government are also planning to link HS2 to both HS1 and Cross Rail at a potential minimum cost of just under £1 Billion. 

Finally.. At least when it comes to HS there is HS3. A proposed route connecting Liverpool to Hull via Manchester and Leeds. This is still very much in the planning stages and there are no firm details including wether to use existing lines and if there is any need for the speeds to technically be High Speed at all. There are no official Costings either however proposed improvements for Northern city links go as high as £6 Billion.

That’s the rail system out of the way, what about the roads? Well the government approved road improvement schemes across England at the end of 2014 to the tune of £15 Billion. 

Finally just to really put the icing on the cake, the Replacement of the Trident Submarines. The costs vary but you can start at £23 Billion just to procure the replacement system. There has already been work done on successor submarines and that already runs into a few Billion including £1.2 Billion spent just last year. That though doesn’t take into the estimated cost of running the programme over a 40 year life span which would top the bill at around £100 Billion. 

Why is all of this important to know? The cost to save the NHS?

£8 Billion. Or at least so say the politicians 

Look at the money above that is being spent or has been spent on infrastructure compared to how much we need to save the NHS. Most of the infrastructure money will have been spent around or during the years of the financial crisis. 

The main rail links will serve London primarily and as such only a section of the country will benefit. HS2 whilst will be helpful to some people it has already been suggested that the projects benefits have been wildly over estimated including by politicians and the Northern City rail improvements may not even be high speed after all. 

We continue yet again to rely on the expansion of our Road systems to fix the same old problems of increased car usage. 

So, when you’re sitting there concerned that the failing NHS is caused by health tourists or immigrants flooding the country, it’s important to remember what the issue at hand is. It’s not that the immigrants are preventing the NHS from being fit for purpose. It’s that government is choosing not to fund it. 

The NHS is expensive, yet a State funded health system is of no benefit to politicians when they can afford the best private health care. The tories are making every attempt to privatise the NHS by the back door, they have talked of bringing in charges to see your GP and their claim of recruiting 5,000+ GP’s has been proven false by Owen Jones who stated on BBC Question Time that it takes 7 years to train to be a GP. Longer than the Conservatives have been in power. So you can thank Labour for those extra GP’s.

Also consider that the Corporations still continue to get away with paying minimal tax into the UK economy but the Tories won’t address this ongoing problem. Billions of pounds could easily be recovered but just like blaming immigrants for the NHS crisis is silly, the government will focus on the poor when concerned with unpaid taxes. They will blame those ‘on benefits’. Yet it’s neither the immigrants nor those in receipt of benefits that are the problem, it is our own government. Your government. 

There is no need for austerity nor poverty. It’s all a lie.

Oh and Immigrants are not to blame for the weather either.


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