Corbyn & Eagle bring us comedy gold. (Video)

Angela Eagle is interviewed on the Daily Politics show on Tuesday 29th September… If you thought she was timid, think again. This must be the new Labour policy.. ‘Straight Talking, honest politics’. 


Straight talking, honest politics
Jeremy Corbyn begins his speech at the Labour Conference 2015 and he’s got a great comedic delivery. This should make you chuckle. 


Labour – Season Finale (and it’s a real cliffhanger) 

The following is a metaphor. A message. A call out. This is not just a story. 

If the next 4-and-a-bit years could be rolled into a single hour long episode then this is Labours Season Finale with the new season starting on the morning after the 2020 General Election. 

The episode starts with a recap of went before. The dastardly Tory leader David Cameron, known as ‘Pig fucker’ to his enemies (and his closest friends) has just pushed Labours hero ‘Miliband’, into a deep pit and taken control of the Government but only after everyone thought that it was Labour, the good guys, who would take control. 


‘Labour’ Season Finale

Miliband has been knocked unconscious and the camera pans up from the bottom of the pit up towards the top, with the light beaming down through a haze shining onto the lifeless body of Miliband. 

What now for our hero? 

The season finale continues. What will Miliband do? What will Labour do? Will they survive or will the evil Tories take control forever?

Miliband’s body begins to vanish only to be replaced by the lifeless body of a bearded man known as ‘Corbyn’. The viewers have seen him before but he only ever played a bit-part in the series. He always had a vision how to beat the Tories but no one took him seriously. The viewers always thought he might be right but the script writers wouldn’t entertain him which always left the viewer feeling frustrated. 

Here now was the moment where the viewer knew in their gut that this was the time for Corbyn. They were also confused though because he was lying there, lifeless. What was going to happen? 

As the tories continued to rule the country with their evil plan of world domination and pig fucking, our unexpected hero begins to awaken. By now there is a trending hashtag across social media, #corbynite, these were Corbyn’s fans, the believers hoping that a hero was about to arise. 

Half way through the episode and Corbyn indeed begins to awaken, covered in dirt, unkempt, confused and wearing a knitted jumper.. The viewer wonders, has his body been transported there, swapped with Miliband all the way from 1978? 

There is no sign of what is to come though as the episode continues to focus on the Tory machine and the nazi like control that it now possesses over the media. The country is on bended knee to this tyrant intent on taking the country to war and raping the world for its resources. 

With just 10 minutes to go Corbyn is up. He has dusted himself down, fashioned a reasonable beard with a sharp flint, rolled up his sleeves and loudly declared to all that can hear, This knitted jumper stays!!! 

The music quickens, the base is deeper, the tone is frantic, the undertones are of belief. Belief that this is the moment. 

But wait! Cameron is coming back. Why is Cameron coming back? To fill the hole? To finish him off? To remove what he thinks is the lifeless body of Miliband? 

Now the viewer is on the edge of their seat, fingers devoid of any nails left to chew..

    “Corbyn is climbing! He is climbing the pit! Go on Corbyn!  Grip that branch! Get that foot into the crevis! Climb god damn you! Climb!!”

The viewers, now suddenly known as Corbynites, are rooting for Corbyn to get out alive, the vultures circling over the pit, Cameron on his way back, the media still sucking up to the dictator that is Cameron, it seems hopeless but it’s not over. Corbyn is climbing, every bead of sweat is felt by the viewer, every slip of the foot, every breath, every grimace. 

Thwack! Corbyn’s hand launches  out of the top of the hole and comes down onto the grassy verge, hands bleeding, sweating he clings to whatever he can, the viewer now screaming, 

      “Cameron is coming!! Get out! He will kill you! Come on, get out!!”

Corbyn is flailing, he is strong but everything is stacked against him, the system is now working against Labour and our heroes and now it seems Corbyn, our last hope will be wiped out even at the last hurdle. 

Cameron arrives at the hole and he is shocked. He can’t believe what he is seeing but like the pig fucker he is he nonchalantly decides to give him a chance.

“You won’t get out alive Corbyn. You can’t win! You’re unelectable!” He shouts. 

“Get out if you can, but if you do. I will destroy you” 

Corbyn looks up and smiles, starts to pull himself out and slips just a little and grabs on to a root, teeth clenched, sweating. Corbyn is struggling but it just might be possible. The nation is with him but the system is against him. Will Corbyn get out!?

BLACK SCREEN – End of series.

And this is where we find ourselves right now, in real life. I have seen much to be hopeful about, there is a huge groundswell of support for Corbyn and his vision. Membership is up, social media is behaving like a Juggernaught heading straight for the Tory party conference, people are pledging to vote for Labour for the first time ever, some coming back to labour and others who didn’t vote at all because there was no one that represented them. 

Yet somehow the Tories, the media and political commentators, with the exception of the deep rooted left wingers, are all circling like vultures at the tiniest of comments. The smallest of errors. In fact it would be fair to say the rhetoric is something the old USSR and ‘Socialist’ Germany 1943 would have been proud of simply because it doesn’t fit their idea of what works. 

They seek to tell us, the electorate, that we have it all wrong and we are stupid for falling for it. They moan about democracy being killed because Corbyn dares to tell the cabinet to follow the line and unite the party, but the problem for these political commentators is that uniting the party is no good for their agenda. They want Corbyn to fail. They want disunity. 

Something is happening though and it’s the same thing that happened in Greece, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and incredibly is happening with Bernie Sanders in Capitalist Central, USA.

People are fed up and want something different and every time the right wing press sneers, and everytime the Tories jeer, all they serve to do is to give Corbyn a push out of that pit. It adds another outstretched hand to Corbyn to pull him clear of the hole. 

Every viewer of this Season Finale is rooting for the hero and it’s catching. This is how heroes are made, this is how social media lights up. This is what happens when an underdog is bitten too hard. It bites back. 

Remember when you’re out there in the wild, on social media, challenge every lie. Challenge every slight, speak to people in conversation about Corbyn even if they have never heard of him. This literally is fighting the system. Fighting a system that is designed to keep people like Corbyn out. 

If you don’t keep it up, Corbyn will slip back down into that hole and all this will be for nothing and Cameron will rule again. Don’t be afraid of what they say about you or him or the Labour Party. Don’t be put off. That’s what they are trying to do. Believe in the message, believe in a new politics. 

What happens in the new season? You have a part to play in that. 

Believe in your cause and the rest will follow

Syria for Dummies


President Assad created a prosperous society. But he had his brutal side, so the people rose up and formed rebel groups and a civil war began.

ISIS came along having conquered Iraq and infiltrated the rebel groups in Syria and are attacking anyone who disagrees with them. 

The U.S and UK  have said Assad must be destroyed as well as ISIS
They also have support from France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Canada

Russia is friendly with Syria and said that only ISIS should be targeted. 

Syria also has active support from Belarus, Iran, Iraq, according to some reports North Korea and of course China. 

Russia has openly stated it will not help depose Assad. The U.S. and UK has openly stated it will depose Assad. 

Japan has just recently repealed a law disallowing its own military to be able to intervene in International affairs and are allied largely to the U.S. They have no active role in Syria, yet, but it raises the prospect of their involvement especially with China’s intervention in Syria.

If Iran becomes militarily involved in any action against the U.S. then that puts at risk, no doubt, the US-Iran nuclear deal and may lead to a U.S. Invasion of Iran in the worst case scenario. 

Simple to follow? 

Prior to the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the U.S. And its allies the greatest threat wasn’t ISIS but Al- Qaeda. Since the invasion, Iraq was left in a terrible state and out of the ashes arose ISIS who largely began life as Al-Qaeda operatives. They subsequently pretty much took control of Iraq. 

Al-Qaeda were originally trained and armed by the US military 

Al-Qaeda is an off shoot of an even more extreme fundamentalist group known as the Wahabbi who follow the teaching of Wahabbism.

Wahabbism originated in Saudi Arabia whom incidentally has one of the worlds worst human rights records, but, that doesn’t matter too much because the British government is supplying Saudi Arabia with arms to keep them protected from Iran, because you see Iran is a world threat which is why the U.S. has managed to get this nuclear deal with Iran which says they must not build nuclear weapons or have the means to do so. 

This whole stand off may change all that.

Then there is the history of invasion. Iraq was invaded on a pack of lies and Saddam Hussein was executed. The country has been left in a mess and is controlled by ISIS. Libya to a lesser extent was also bombed by the ‘allies’ and as a result Gaddafi was also executed. 

Libya is now also in a mess with its rival factions and the U.S. is trying to broker a deal between those rival factions primarily through the United Arab Emirates. 

We appear to be about to do exactly the same again in Syria only this time we are taking the whole world with us. 

A Molotov Cocktail

“..Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, said on Sunday evening that his country’s outlook was close to the Russians’. Tehran was willing to work with other countries in Syria but only if their priority was to fight terrorism, not change the regime in Damascus, he said..”

– Taken from this article in The Guardian 

It’s hard to see Russia changing their stance In Syria and I can’t see the US changing theirs. The U.S. openly wants regime change and rid of ISIS. Russia only wants rid of ISIS. With that impasse it means either Obama or Putin has to back down, and who is going to do that? Or, we go to war. What other options are there apart from doing nothing and we are probably too far down the road to do nothing. 

With Iran already in Syria and their stance as quoted at the top of this post you have to wonder, if the U.S. continues its path on ousting Assad, will the Iran-US nuclear deal withstand the pressure? 

If Iran does get involved in Syria and to some extent they already are, then surely the nuclear deal will become null and void. That could then be the catalyst for the U.S. to scrap the deal and focus their attention on Iran as has been long predicted.

It doesn’t take a great leap to see where this is all heading. 

Currently every country you wouldn’t want to see facing off with each other is doing so right now in Syria. 

“Do you see what you have done….you keep making the same mistakes”

– Vladimir Putin

The USA, the UK, France, Turkey, China, Russia, Syria as well as to a lesser extent Iran, Iraq, Belarus and even North Korea has poked it’s nose in. Not to mention ISIS and the Syrian rebel groups.

This may not end well for anyone. This scenario has crept up on the world in that I am willing to bet that not many people realise just exactly who is involved in Syria and what stage we have reached. 

Who would have thought that in 2016 we would have a situation where the U.S. China the UK and a large chunk of the Middle East would be at an impasse militarily and in the same location at the same time… Actually.. Many of us did think it and predicted it was coming and those people have been called conspiracy theorists for a long while. 

It’s time people stopped listening to and believing the politicians. 

As Putin said at yesterday’s UN address  “Do you see what you have done….you keep making the same mistakes”


McTernan’s views reek of the elitism he refutes. Plus McDonnell possibly just lost Scotland forever.


John McTernan
John McTernan, Political commentator, political advisor and Political  secretary to Tony Blair 2005-07 was a guest on the Daily Politcs TV show today. (Video Below)

During the show he said “most people do not live in a world of raging class consciousness and fuelled with anger at an elite”

It was rightly pointed out to him that there has been a large anti austerity movement aimed at the elite and those in power. That, Culminating in a 500k strong anti austerity march this Summer. Couple that with multiple other smaller rallies and protests along with the recent Scottish ‘Yes’ to independence campaign and the movement that saw Anti austerity SNP destroy labour in Scotland and the unprecedented campaign by Jeremy Corbyn, you have to ask what planet McTernan is living on. 

During the show he was highly dismissive and critical of Corbyn and the parties chances, let alone their policies and promises. 

His attitude reeks of the elitism that he refutes even exists. He clearly believes there is no elitism and any idea that there is a class war out there is to him, nonsense. 

There is class consciousness out there and it’s been exasperated by David Cameron and his university chums. It’s not just exclusive to these shores, it’s happening across the world including Greece where Syriza have just been re-elected, Pademos in Spain and Bernie Sanders in the USA. Yes, even the USA is fed up with the capitalist elite. 

A lot can happen between now and 2020 but all being well, with no surprises along the way, with the wind in our favour I highly predict the Tory machine will start to break down. The facade will break and by 2020 the majority of the 34% of the electorate that didn’t vote in 2015 will give a nod to Labour, at least in England. 

Most people do not live in a world of raging class consciousness and fuelled with anger at an elite

– John McTernan

So why has Ternan made such a dismissive claim of Corbyn and Labour? Because there is no precedent for this situation. The right wing press and Judas’ of the party don’t understand what is going on. The next generation of thinkers and political commentators are coming and they have grown up with Social media and the Internet unlike the ‘Educated’ elite and the brainwashed graduates who only know how to think with a text book telling them how to do that thinking. It’s this new generation that is shaping things. The power of independent media and the Internet is coming home to roost.

It will take a grave error in judgement from Labour to derail this freight train. Let’s just hope that Corbyn can privatise it before Cameron gets his claws into the electorate any further. 


John McDonnell
On a side note John McDonnell, shadow chancellor made his views on the SNP clear at today’s conference.

We think that far from wooing the vote up in Scotland with his speech he has vastly under- estimated the lay of the land. 

Labour have lost Scotland for a generation or more, at least. Labour would have done more for their cause if they had either shut up about the SNP or worked with them. All that has been achieved with this speech is to prolong any possible come back for Labour in Scotland, if it was ever even on the cards.
See his comments in the video below.

Daily Fail – ‘The Commies are coming!’

There is no doubt that the right wing press are on the offensive against Corbyn and the Labour Party and some are not making any effort to hide the rhetoric.

This particular front page for 28th September by the Daily Fail is worthy of a mention.

We have re-printed some of the language used in today’s Daily Fail for you here (in bold);

‘John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor and a follower of Karl Marx…’ (Who is this Karl Marx and is he on Facebook? Is he the new Joe Carroll?)

‘…Will use his speech to call for a ‘new economics’ to redistribute wealth…’ (good so far right?)

‘…from the better off to those on benfits.‘ (On benefits. Not just the ‘less well off’ then?)

‘Mr Corbyn alarmed moderates by saying he would welcome communists, Trotskyites and militant tendency supporters into the party’ (This is almost an anti ISIS piece. ‘Moderates’? ‘Militant tendencies’? Doesn’t paint a good picture does it? You kind of expect Mr.Corbyn to walk out of a cave in Wales and declare war against the Tories, only for Cameron to conduct a Bombing run on North Wales. Also, what’s wrong with Communism? They say it likes its a bad thing.)

Primarily what they have done here is used the terms ‘Karl Marx’, ‘Communism’ and ‘militant’ all in the same article as if it’s somehow the best way to highlight the USSR-esq quasi Politcs that is ‘Jeremy Corbyn’. We are surprised they didn’t shoe-horn Russia into the article.

The Daily Fail readers have been warned.. The Commies are coming..The Red Army are here, they’re after Middle England and they’re after all their cash.

zoomed screenshot of the article in the Daily Fail

Labour Streets ahead, Tories battered (after just 2 weeks!) in latest  IPSOS MORI poll

Yes that’s right the latest IPSOS MORI poll finds that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are flying high with the electorate after just two weeks in opposition under Corbyn. The Tories have taken a battering and it’s what the press don’t want you to know.

Below is the link to an article in The  Independent which talks about the MORI POLL in question and throughout paints a bleak picture of Mr.Corbyn. See for yourself here, we have put a few screenshots of the article below.

Well we followed the link to the MORI Poll in question and found that we can do an alternative report on its findings. In true opposition fashion but all factual none the less proving that the right wing media cannot be trusted to report the facts.

Public dissatisfied with the government and The prime minister poll finds’

‘Public dissatisfied with the government and The prime minister poll finds’

‘Poll finds Corbyn almost neck and neck with Cameron in MORI election poll. Just TWO WEEKS into his role as Labour leader’


‘Poll finds Corbyn almost neck and neck with Cameron in MORI election poll. Just TWO WEEKS into his role as Labour leader’


BUT Only 66% of those polled would definitely vote in an immediate general election


BUT Only 66% of those polled would definitely vote in an immediate general election


More respondents felt that  A) The conservatives would say anything just to get into power. B) That people feel Labour have the interests of the people at heart, and C) Just 32% think the conservatives have any concern about the People most in need. D) Over half of respondents think that Labour understand the problems facing britain more than the Tories. 

(ALL THAT plus the earlier dissatisfaction survey and STILL people would more likely vote Tory tomorrow….you have to question the sanity)

More respondents felt that A) The conservatives would say anything just to get into power. B) That people feel Labour have the interests of the people at heart, and C) Just 32% think the conservatives have any concern about the People most in need. D) Over half of respondents think that Labour understand the problems facing britain more than the Tories.


Almost half those polled says Cameron has more style than substance 

Over half think Corbyn is more honest than Cameron

Overwhelming majority think Cameron is out of touch with ordinary people. 

Almost half those polled says Cameron has more style than substance Over half think Corbyn is more honest than Cameron Overwhelming majority think Cameron is out of touch with ordinary people.


So, in most areas we can see that Jeremy Corbyn comes out on TOP through the entire poll yet that’s not how the Independent spins it in the write up.

If you see someone slating Corbyn because of this poll. Share this article.

The right wing press will start to temper their rhetoric against Corbyn so as not to alienate that side of the electorate/readers so instead they will start more and more to manipulate things like this and it’s those things we on the left will need to watch more closely.