Shock as Brits blamed for Global Warming & Rt.Hon R.C.Brown dies during interview. 

In an astonishing turn of events at the recent climate convention in London it was left to The Rt.Honourable R.C.Brown to turn on his own delegate and declare that in fact British born bigots are at the centre of recent Global climate change. In a statement he said 

“As much as it pains me to say, there is indisputable proof that the amount of hot air produced by certain sections of British society is what is leading to a quicker increase in global warming than we would expect, and the bigots are to blame”

R.C.Brown did try to turn the focus on refugees entering the country saying;

“Of course the hot air wouldn’t be occurring if it wasn’t for these fucking migrants, coming here taking our jobs whilst simultaneously taking all the benefits, I mean, they probably all belong to ISIS anyway, I’m not being racist but…”. 

It was at that moment that R.C.Brown died in front of the press. Police have issued a statement saying that “..the amount of hot air produced, overheated the deceased and he could not recover from the effects”

Supporters were quick to blame refugees for his death. 

Anti Bigot campaigners were at the event to promote their campaign #stopthebigotsatthefannyborder

You can find more on this story at STB Group

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