Tim Farron is morphing into Ed Miliband 

Tim Farron.. Leader of the Liberal Democrats.. Remember them? Appeared on The Politics Show on the BBC today looking wind swept and soaked in Bournemouth ahead of their conference.

 The scene was apt considering their demise in politics. Tim spoke of their chance to take the gap left by Labour in being able to deliver ‘social justice but with a clear economic plan that was credible’.. 

Sounds a little like Ed Miliband’s Labour to us. Tim went on to point out that yes, Labour and the Lib Dems do stand for many of the same policies but just with a ‘credible economic plan’. 

We suspect the Lib Dems won’t be filling any gap any time soon. 
We belive the ship has sailed as far as the Lib Dems are concerned there is far too much ground to make up. 

Mr Farron talked of the Lib Dems creating a “movement” to bring the Lib Dems back. There are too many jokes where that is concerned but it would be far too easy. 

Has anyone seen Ed Miliband and Tim Farron together at the same time?

Tim Farron being interviewed by the BBC in Bournemouth

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