Hypocrisy Exposes U.S real target in Syria. (..and It’s not ISIS) 

Dr. Johnathan Eyal

Dr Jonathan Eyal is the International Director and International Studies Director at RUSI (Royal United Services Institute, an Independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research). He is Oxford educated to masters degree (with distinction)  in International Law and Relations and he Previously  advised the government on the former Yugoslavia.

Now you know who he is, we can now begin our thought process.

Dr Jonathan Eyal said in an article yesterday (22/09/15) in the Telegraph (here) that Russia’s arrival in Syria was to send a signal to the West as the Russian SU-27 jets have ‘no military use against ISIL’ as neither ISIL nor the rebels possess any airpower. 

‘The SU-27 jets…have no military use against ISIL’

We wondered if there was a technical reason for that, so we dug around to see what the main use for a SU-27 jet would be, and primarily it appears the Jet is used in an Air Superiority role and a ‘multiroll’. 

Russian SU-27, Air superiority and Multiroll

We know that the US are flying Bombing missions in Syria so we wondered; ‘What planes were the US using and did they have a different purpose away from having an air superiority role and whom exactly were they targeting?’. 

Turns out that the U.S. are using F-16 fighter jets and they have exactly the same roles as the Russian SU-27’s. The US is also ‘officially’ targeting ISIL and has no current policy to attack Assad forces.


Via RT news: US planes begin bombing runs on ISIS in Syria



From the same RT article, Confirmation of bombing runs on ISIL in Syria by F-16’s
U.S F-16, Air superiority and Multiroll just like Russian SU-27


One article at the beginning of August even confirms that the U.S. is not targeting Assad forces


LA Times article: No ‘push’ on assad. The official line still to this day.
 (Article here)

So, here is the Question. If the Russian SU-27 jets have ‘no military use against ISIL‘… Then what is the US doing with jets that by our reckoning are pretty much the same? 

If Dr.Eyal is correct then all the planes involved now must be useless in the fight against ISIS and if that’s the case then the only other use they could have is an Air Superiority role and the only people that allegedly have planes in Syria to be superior against are….? President Assad’s forces. 

Seeing as ISIS won’t be standing in the middle of the road screaming ‘come and get me’ at the drones flying about the place, you have to think… there is no way the US and in turn the British (embedded into Allied forces), are going after ISIS now.

Most of you reading this will already know of or believe this to be the case anyway but for the general populous who don’t always like to view things from this angle it is at least one way of connecting the dots. 

The West has indeed declared an interest in wanting to get rid of Assad, that’s no secret, but we are not meant to have started yet. Going after Assad now is undemocratic, wrong and deceitful to the respective western populations. 

Dr Eyal is surely too clever to make a mistake because its his comment about the Russian fighter jets that has raised eyebrows here. 

He works closely with the UK government and you have to ask if this kind of comment in light of Russian forces now being in Syria, is just another way of making Russia look bad, because if Russia does react then the West is going to need every excuse in the book to retaliate. Repeating a lie that Russian Jets were only there to protect Assad against the West and not, after all, to tackle ISIS, would go some way in convincing the general public. 

Right now there is no will for a war amongst the people. Especially one of the magnitude that would involve Russia. 

Satellite image of Russian build up in Syria

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