A Molotov Cocktail

“..Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, said on Sunday evening that his country’s outlook was close to the Russians’. Tehran was willing to work with other countries in Syria but only if their priority was to fight terrorism, not change the regime in Damascus, he said..”

– Taken from this article in The Guardian 

It’s hard to see Russia changing their stance In Syria and I can’t see the US changing theirs. The U.S. openly wants regime change and rid of ISIS. Russia only wants rid of ISIS. With that impasse it means either Obama or Putin has to back down, and who is going to do that? Or, we go to war. What other options are there apart from doing nothing and we are probably too far down the road to do nothing. 

With Iran already in Syria and their stance as quoted at the top of this post you have to wonder, if the U.S. continues its path on ousting Assad, will the Iran-US nuclear deal withstand the pressure? 

If Iran does get involved in Syria and to some extent they already are, then surely the nuclear deal will become null and void. That could then be the catalyst for the U.S. to scrap the deal and focus their attention on Iran as has been long predicted.

It doesn’t take a great leap to see where this is all heading. 

Currently every country you wouldn’t want to see facing off with each other is doing so right now in Syria. 

“Do you see what you have done….you keep making the same mistakes”

– Vladimir Putin

The USA, the UK, France, Turkey, China, Russia, Syria as well as to a lesser extent Iran, Iraq, Belarus and even North Korea has poked it’s nose in. Not to mention ISIS and the Syrian rebel groups.

This may not end well for anyone. This scenario has crept up on the world in that I am willing to bet that not many people realise just exactly who is involved in Syria and what stage we have reached. 

Who would have thought that in 2016 we would have a situation where the U.S. China the UK and a large chunk of the Middle East would be at an impasse militarily and in the same location at the same time… Actually.. Many of us did think it and predicted it was coming and those people have been called conspiracy theorists for a long while. 

It’s time people stopped listening to and believing the politicians. 

As Putin said at yesterday’s UN address  “Do you see what you have done….you keep making the same mistakes”



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