The education system is your child’s enslavement. 

Tribespeople throughout history and until this very day are able to build their own homes. They can grow their own food and can catch their own food. They pass this knowledge down to every single child. 

They don’t use money or have banks. They don’t have ‘jobs’. They have community leaders not politicians. Contrary to popular belief they rarely have ‘wars’. They respect nature and live within it. 

Developing countries it could be argued are in the half-way house between this old way of living and the modern ‘democratic societies’, still retaining the ability to fend for oneself as far as possible whilst striving for greater ‘democracy’ including better education, better living standards and so on and so forth. 

Then you have modern democratic societies. A few people still retain the ability to fend for themselves by going off-grid. Some people learn how to fend for themselves to one degree or another. However, by and large every single person who lives within a democratic country has lost the ability to build their own shelter, lost the ability to grow or source their own food, they have to have a job to earn money which pays for their food, pays for their shelter, pays for their very survival, without which they could starve or be homeless. We have one leader dictating what everyone should do, barely influenced by community leaders. Modern societies are constantly at war in one form or another. Nature is an after thought and the protection of the environment is second to profit. We live in sprawling cities and towns with little community spirit. 

It is a personal stand point if you value one type of existence over another. Some people prefer the simple fulfilling existence of living away from the rat race. Some people prefer the ability to have whatever money can buy and arguably assured safety, health and wealth, to at least some degree. After all, living a simple life can be a drain on your health and longevity simply because you do not use the most modern health facilities. 

There are pros and cons on both sides of the fence. 

The question is though, if tomorrow the lights went out, If tomorrow there was a Great War, If tomorrow the system collapsed, if tomorrow you were made homeless, if tomorrow you lost your income.. Could you source your own food without government assistance? Could you maintain or build your own home? Do you know how to grow a vegetable patch? or insulate a building made out of wood? Or build a water pump? How much do you know? How much do your children know? How much are we taught as humans to be self sufficient during hard times? 

The education system we have in modern society is built so that you can get a good job when you leave school. It is not designed to make you self sufficient. It doesn’t teach you the basics, and where it does, it is so basic that by the time you leave school you will have forgotten most of it. Sure, you may go on to specialise in one area such as carpentry etc.. But that won’t help you maintain vegetables through a winter. It won’t help you plan to stock up throughout that winter. Point is, we are at all times vulnerable. 

Without our carefully crafted systems in place we are nothing more than robots doing as we are told in the hope that one day we can afford the next gadget or save for old age. Without our carefully crafted systems in place most people would be dead within a few months. How much do you know? Are we better off? And if we are better off are we not a vulnerable species where at the end of it all, the only survivors would be the very tribespeople we look at as being poor, out of touch and backwards. 

I am not suggesting you suddenly go off-grid and leave it all behind. It’s too late anyway. We are taught from a very young age to assimilate, to conform and by the time adulthood comes there is often very little chance of going back. What I am suggesting though is that we push for a change in education, an education where it is not just about the right subjects to get the right job. It should be an education that encompasses this and an education that gives every child the ability to grow up knowing how to grow and maintain crops, the ability to build a shelter and maintain it. To be able to fend for themselves through the hard times. To appreciate what it takes to live, to survive. 

It would benefit them, benefit the communities around them, benefit nature and they could still, if they wanted, get a job pushing paper, sweeping the roads, staring at a computer, building weapons of war, dig for oil, buy stocks and shares in the finance industry or any other meaningless role just to be able to have that money to buy the latest things that they don’t actually need but instead just ‘want’ then in 70 odd years they can retire on usually next to nothing and sit in their homes unable to to do anything with their lives either because they don’t have enough money or through ill health. But it’s ok. The government is done with them. They have exhausted your child’s worth. 

Suddenly when you realise all this it becomes questionable if you would rather this sort of existence or one that is more simple but more free. Shorter but more free. 

We have little freedom simply because we don’t know how to be free and don’t know how to obtain that freedom and that is because we are not educated enough as a society. Maybe we can change all that if we only woke up a little to our own enslavement.


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