The real reason the nuclear deterrent is not fit for purpose

Several different sources on the web show that the U.S. has anywhere between 200,000 and 500,000 military personnel at any one time on any given year serving abroad either in combat or at military bases within allied nations. (Well over 100 nations across the globe house US troops)
500,000 would represent around 20% of the entire military personnel in the US. 
If Iran, or anyone else wanted to use a nuclear weapon against a country that does not have a nuclear deterrent itself, then it would have to do something unheard of, in fact, impossible. It would have to find and target almost every other US base abroad. A nuclear bomb, as destructive as it is, can only do so much. The number of nukes it would take to destroy the entire US military within America itself would be ridiculous. Let alone the up to 500,000 troops stationed abroad that would then descend upon the rouge country in question. 

What would the aggressor do? Target every nation across the globe? Target every city? It would be nigh on impossible. 
Maybe as much as this wouldn’t be my solution, the best idea the UK and others could have would be to keep troops stationed abroad in allied nations so that in the event of a nuclear attack they can be quickly deployed from multiple other nations and regions. 

The whole scenario paints a picture at how pointless a nuclear deterrent could actually be. 
Russia currently has around 50 odd NATO bases on its doorstep. If they pressed the button. What do you think would happen? 
The nuclear deterrent is no longer fit for purpose and wastes billions of pounds that could be put to the NHS, education, the regular military forces or how about the people that have to use food banks regularly just to be able to survive.   

If you would like to be part of the push to get rid of Trident to save £100 Billion for the UK then join the Facebook event at this link and invite others. 



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