Mind-bending Hypocrisy: The Art of Self Defence From an Habitual Liar

Our Primary Objective

“PM: Russia Backs ‘Butcher’ Assad With Strikes”
“Russian strikes in Syria are hitting citizens and helping the “butcher” Assad’s regime, David Cameron has said.”
“The Prime Minister said that Vladimir Putin’s military intervention was making the situation worse and called for regime change in Syria to end the fighting.”

How bloody dare our PM call for regime change in Syria. He’s such a spineless wannabe. Regime change went really well in Iraq didn’t it?! Regime change went really well in Libya didn’t it!

Could you imagine if the Chinese Prime Minister called for regime change in the UK, stating that the UK Prime Minister is a ‘BUTCHER’ because their government policies on the poor are killing them, and they appear not to give a shit about it.

Has everyone forgotten what Cameron helped to achieve in Libya. Up to 60,000 innocent people were killed.
That’s not 60,000 fighters loyal to Gadafi. That’s 60,000 innocent men, women, and children. Apparently dead children didn’t matter when Cameron bombed Libya.

Remember also that the west teamed up with al-Qaeda in Libya to oust Gaddafi?
Cameron’s murder spree in Libya also allowed ISIS to turn Libya into a recruitment haven and saw their numbers increase dramatically whilst they were killing every Christian they’d run across. And as for Cameron calling Assad a ‘BUTCHER,’ well this was obviously about chemical weapons that Cameron said Assad fired on his own people on the very day that Assad invited the UN into his country to check for chemical weapon attacks. Would any leader be that stupid to launch an attack on the day that they invite the United Nations in to check for chemical weapon attacks?

You see, Cameron is counting on you not having a brain. Cameron is counting on you not thinking for yourself. Don’t prove him right, because even the UN said when it came to the “chemical weapons attack in Syria” that it was the American backed rebels in Syria that fired the chemical weapons, NOT Assad. Here is also the official PDF of mission statement:
Cameron knows this, but he’s desperate to remove Assad for his Zionist Rothschild puppet masters.

Could you imagine a journalist say to Cameron after Cameron said that “Vladimir Putin’s military intervention was making the situation worse.” Wouldn’t it be great if a journo actually had some bollocks and said to Mr Cameron…
“Well, shouldn’t you Mr Cameron shoulder some responsibility for the destruction of Libya and handing the country to ISIS, and for increasing their [ISIS] numbers, thus making the ‘situation a whole lot worse.’ ”
“Another thing Mr Cameron. You say that Russia are killing innocent people but how can you justify the cold blooded murder of 60,000 innocent people in Libya with your bombs. Do you not care about the children you killed in Libya Mr Cameron, just like you don’t care about the children of the poor in your own country, eh Mr Cameron?”
“Oh by the way Mr Cameron, you saying that Russia’s bombing in Syria is making things worse. But isn’t bombing Syria exactly what you want to do, or would your bombs not make everything worse?
“And were you aware Mr Cameron, that the United Nations found that it was the rebels, that the west are supporting to take out Assad, that fired the chemical weapons in Syria, and not the Assad regime?”
“And one final thing Mr Cameron. Have you learnt nothing from Libya. If the Assad regime falls, this will simply hand another country over to ISIS on a plate. So by taking out Assad, you will once again be supporting ISIS and making things a lot worse. Or would this be part of the bigger picture for destabilisation in the middle-east, and to assist Murdoch and the Rothschild’s make billions drilling for oil in the Golan Heights. Is that the case Mr Cameron?”

The fact that Cameron is so ready to bomb and murder innocent people, that he WOULD fire nuclear weapons, makes him as bad, if not worse than Kim Jong Un, but I bet Kim Jong Un has never had sex with a dead pigs head. I bet also that Cameron has killed more people than Kim Jong Un.

Just to prove that it’s not just the UK and America that are ISIS supporting hypocrites:
“France ‘opens war crimes inquiry against Assad regime’ in Syria: UN debate”

Now I’m one for consistency. I love consistency, justice as well as fairness. Who doesn’t?!
So while France opens a war crimes enquiry against Assad, because Assad’s enemy ISIS, fired chemical weapons, they then blamed Assad, and therefore hoodwinked Pinky Pig Cameron and the rest of the west into believing them.

A new figure regarding the death toll caused by Tony Blair and George Bush in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars has come to light. I’ve always used the figure just over a million people were murdered by these war criminals, but the actual figure may be closer to 6 if not 8 million people killed by Blair and Bush in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and is also labelled as an “irrelevant inconvenience by NATO.”

If you’re going to go after Assad for killing rebels that are fighting him, but you’re not going to go after Bush and Blair for killing between 6 and 8 million people, that’s unbelievable! Blair and Bush need to be rotting in a prison. That’s not being very consistent now, is it?!

I mean, a leader of a country that the west don’t like, because the so called elite want to take it over and drill for oil is being charged with war crimes for his enemies killing some people with a botched up chemical weapon, probably given to them by Saudi Arabia, but Tony Blair and George Bush murder up to 8 million people and they fly around the world earning millions.

Who doesn’t know that Blair’s earnings is just a thank you from the elite for murdering all those people, getting the oil deals done, and getting the drug deals done!

The U.S bombed a hospital in Afghanistan over the weekend killing at least 19 people, and the UN is calling this “inexcusable” and a “war crime,” but…. because America did it, and Obama sent his condolences, nothing will be done and nobody will get in trouble. Could you even imagine if Russia had bombed a hospital and killed 19 people, it would literally be the start of World War 3.

The Independent news paper is reporting that there looks like there will be a vote on bombing ISIS within Syria in a few weeks:
“British air-strikes on Isis in Syria expected within weeks”
“Moves to authorise air strikes on Isis fighters in Syria are expected within weeks after the Defence Secretary said it should not be left to other countries to keep British streets safe.”

So, Cameron says “bombing Syria will make things worse” so what’s he going to do, he’s going to add to the bombing and carnage with….more bombing and carnage, that in Cameron’s own words “will only make things worse,”
This will increase the refugee crisis which ISIS themselves said they are using to send jihadis to fight in Europe which will cause more terrorism on our streets.

These politicians simply haven’t got a clue. They really are stuck in a bubble. They cannot think beyond what they are told to think.
Make no mistake, the UK and the west are on the wrong side of this one.

Do we want justice, or do we want to be run by dictators who can do what the hell they like with virtually no oversight, and who keep the public busy with X Factor and Strictly Come bloody Dancing, and just lie their way through life for the good of the so called elite?

Come on people. It’s obvious what is going on in Syria. We have to start getting our acts together and thinking beyond the box in the corner of the room.


One thought on “Mind-bending Hypocrisy: The Art of Self Defence From an Habitual Liar”

  1. Brilliant, the only thing I want to remind about here is that in an article also on this blog ( https://revolutionarysocialismuk.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/the-one-question-all-politicians-must-answer-who/ ) it was stated that the so called terrorist attacks in france were NOT due to new people coming in with the refugees, as they were found to be european nationals. Let us also bear in mind that there has been a repeating pattern throughout history of countries arranging false flag attacks in order to scare the people into allowing / justifying retaliation, further war, further wasting of lives and money, in order to achieve aims of elite profiteering.


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