Corbyn, the Judas press & a silent crucifixion 

Corbyn the Messiah is suffering a silent crucifixion. 

That may sound like a derogatory headline but it’s there to serve as a warning. A warning to the awakening masses of Corbyn supporters hoping for this new politics in 2020. 

From the moment Corbyn got on to the vote papers for the Labour leadership our right wing press began to smear Corbyn and his views. Every effort was made to put the electorate off. 

When Corbyn won the leadership that vitriole was increased ten fold including the Conservatives describing him as a threat to national security. Every word past and present, every action and every piece of clothing or lack of clothing was scrutinised. There is no doubt the press were out to murder Corbyn.
But here is the thing. This isn’t an attempted murder. He is being crucified. Like a modern day Messiah Corbyn has dared to shake up politics with his message of change and a message of a different kind of politics. It’s revolutionary and ground breaking, at least to most people, the level of support and his supporters themselves have experienced a second coming of sorts and the right wing press and the elite are now conducting a silent crucifixion. They are behaving like a modern day Judas.  This is evidenced not by what has been put in the press about Corbyn in recent weeks but by what isn’t in the press now and it’s this that Labour supporters should be careful of. 


Judas Kiss – Judas Press
You may have noticed suddenly that most of the rhetoric has stopped. You may have noticed that the tories are suffering their own backlash. So much so that people are noticing and commenting on it. 

This isn’t a turnaround. This isn’t some awakening by the press. It’s designed like this. 

Let’s be clear, the Tories as much as they won’t admit it do fear the Corbyn movement. It’s as if no matter what they do, people don’t buy it. They are still flocking in their tens of thousands to hear the man speak on top of the hill. 

How do you stop a movement like that. When you can speak all you like about the virtues of your own policy but no one is listening to you. 

I believe they have realised that bashing the Corbyn supporters is having a negative effect. I believe they have changed tack and the press are listening. 

It’s recently been revealed that MI5 have spent a long time watching Corbyn. Cameron has described Corbyn as a national security threat,  an army general threatened treason and the press have had a sudden turn around in how they are reporting. Cameron would sell his soul to the devil for national security information.. Like he has admitted he did with Saudi Arabia.

From the demonisation of workers Under 25 not being productive enough to the tax credits cuts hitting 3 million people, to Cameron openly admitting he did a deal with the Saudi’s and a raft of other revelations recently about the Tories. You couldn’t have dreamt of this turn around in reporting.

It stinks. It stinks to high heaven. Something is happening and I believe it’s an orchestrated effort by some forces within power that have realised they need to be clever with how they deal with the Corbyn surge because they know blatant attacks on Corbyn are having a negative effect (for them). 

Whatever you do between now and 2020 don’t believe anything other than Corbyn is going to win in 2020. Don’t listen to the bad press. Don’t believe the press will ever warm to Corbyn. The people running the media are still the same. This is a concerted effort to discredit in more ways than one everything that Corbyn stands for. 

The bad press you see about the Tories is designed to make them look falable. Their policies will still work out well for their supporters, they will continue on and the press will make it look like ‘the country had doubts, but look what they achieved’ this is what they hope will keep the public on side. 

With their war on immigration they hope in the meantime to attract a good amount of the millions of UKIP votes.

The Tories are playing clever. They are now being measured in their approach. This is the beginning of a genuine modern day crucifixion but it won’t be bloody. It will be underhand and dishonest and the press are in on it. Corbyn is a threat to the establishment but we must be ready to face them down and ready to question everything we read in the press, good and bad.

Deep in the tunnels of MI5 they prepare for Corbyns arrival

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