Priti Ugly – Affordable Homes Part of the Con

Conservatives affordable homes. 
Can you afford one? It’s clear from everything we have heard that the only people the new policy will benefit are the well off or couples without children. The price of an affordable home will be still be way beyond what most people can afford. The government have said that part of the package will be a 20% discount on the price of certain homes but even that will mean nothing to many people. 

What you have to understand with this is that the Tories are banking many of their polices on you working harder and longer. With the housing policy they hope that by forcing you to work harder and longer you will in the long run be able to afford more on a home. Priti Patel has said as much. She has also said that the more homes they build the more likely it is that house prices will fall anyway. Well, that’s not been going well so far for the past 5, nearing 6 years. Falling well short year on year of the total homes needed to deal with the housing crisis. 

Priti Patel – Ruthless
The same can be said of their policy around tax credits cuts. Priti Patel has said on the Daily Politics show (although not in explicit terms) that whilst 3 million people will be worse off after the cuts to tax credits they hope that if people work longer and harder, coupled with the increase in the minimum wage (it’s NOT a living wage) then people won’t feel the brunt of the cuts. Meaning no one will be worse off under their policies. All sorted then. 

If you don’t believe us just go to BBCiPlayer and look back at Thursday’s Daily Politics Show. 

Our view is this. This is nothing more than an effort to get the building industry going again. “We are the builders” don’t forget, as George Osbourne keeps reminding us. This has little to do with you getting on the housing ladder. 

We believe that if they were serious then there are a myriad set of ways that you could change the face of house building in this country whilst not just making it affordable but making it more eco friendly and taking up less land and still keeping it aesthetically pleasing to the middle classes as the photo below is trying to show. 

It takes some progressive thinking to think like this and the Conservatives are not progressive in any way. It’s the same old answers.. Build build build.. Because that clearly won’t somewhere down the line create a housing bubble.. Even after they actually meet the needs of the country. Let’s not forget their other answers to the economies woes, build roads, dump the environment, build a rail track no one wants, stop the immigrants to protect workers. It’s all old stuff and it didn’t work then and it won’t work now. 

Time for a more progressive politics.

Feel free to share and spread the message. 

How much do you need to earn to afford an affordable home?



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