“We’re not frightened” Tories on shaky ground

On BBC Question Time last Thursday a couple of Pro-Corbyn supporters voiced their support for Corbyn with one particular audience member suggesting the Conservatives were “frightened of the establishment threat”

Amber Rudd, the Conservative energy secretary could only reply “we’re not frightened” (Video below)


Amber Rudd. Tory Energy Minister
The fact that she felt the need to even say that suggests that perhaps they are. If you analyse the psychology behind that statement it shows that it’s just possible that the Tory elite have had their feathers ruffled at the very least. 

If something doesn’t faze you, if something is a non entity in your life you wouldn’t feel the need to acknowledge any suggestion that something is concerning you. To directly parrot the key word ‘frightened’in a statement of rebuttle would indicate that something is playing on your mind. Even to a small degree. It may even be an unconscious process. 

Our own Angela Eagle doesn’t get fazed by much as the video below shows. 

This though would be indicative of something that is unfolding within the Tory party that they probably wouldn’t want to admit to. The ground is becoming shaky. Cracks are starting to appear within the otherwise staunchly straight laced ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ Tory machine. Couple this with a resurgent Labour Party and its Corbyn movement and it’s no wonder that it would be reasonable to suggest that the Tory party are underneath it all, frightened. 

It all looked like perfection shortly after the 2015 General Election for the Tories but no sooner had the conference season ended the cracks began to appear. 

First came the Tax Credits Cut mess which is still rumbling on. One commentator on the Daily Politics shows described it as “David Cameron’s poll tax”. Even the Sun newspaper is out to get Cameron and Osbourne on this one. The public can no longer be lied to. They know that 3 Million people will be adversely affected. Financial bodies have said that his figures don’t add up and the Tories have repeatedly given assurances that other measures will top people’s income up.. But we all know that these ‘assurances’ won’t come into play for a few years by which time millions more will be struggling. If the Conservatives do implement this, and there is nothing on the horizon to suggest they won’t, then this really could be their ‘poll tax’.

1,700 people lost their jobs at Redcar Steel in Teeside the other week and today it’s been announced that 1,000 jobs are to be lost at Tata Steel. With those job loses set to impact unemployment figures added with the fact that more may be on the horizon it doesn’t bode well for Osbourne when you keep hearing him refer to the “Northern Powerhouse”. 

The problem is that due to EU bureaucracy the state can not subsidise or bail out our steel industry which is exactly what the Chinese are doing, because they are not governed by another political elite outside of their control.

That brings us neatly onto the EU referendum. It’s widely expected that Cameron will come back with a list of things he has got the EU to agree reform on but that the reforms will be irrelevant of “cosmetic”. He likely won’t tell us what he asked for and didn’t get. If he brings nothing of significance back and the public can see what happened regarding our Steel industry due to EU regulation, it’s just possible that the UK public will vote to leave the EU. Not to mention that Tony Blair is backing the UK to remain in. Who wants to side with that war criminal? 

Whilst in an of itself an ‘out’ vote on the EU won’t be a big problem, the press, business and the elite will not like it and he will feel the pinch as a result. 

Then of course you have the Corbyn movement. Labour membership is at record levels and growing. There is a buzz in politics which is entirely  down to Mr.Corbyn. The Conservatives can’t even bring themselves to admit what their membership is (video below).. But it’s ok, they’re not frightened. 


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