The Perfect Storm 

Can you feel it? Can you sense the change? 

The dogs are barking, the cows are lying down, it’s the proverbial calm before the storm, but it’s coming. 
The signs are there if you look close enough, but they are there. 

The Conservatives are battening down the hatches and the winds are whipping up and Labour had better be ready to strike. They need to let the storm take its own course, then when the eye of the storm passes overhead they need to strike and make their case, then let the rest of the storm play out. Then at the end, the calm will come again and it will be fresh, clear and obvious. Labour will be ready to lead onwards. 

That may right now seem like speculation and of course it is, maybe things will be different, but I suspect probably not. You see, there have been several things recently in the press about the Conservatives that could really hit them hard. With the EU vote just around the corner it can all add up to a perfect storm. That storm will be given the name ‘Labour’, because it will be the movement of the people that finally undoes the Tories. They scoff at the Corbyn supporters yet ignore their own potential demise. 

The loss of Steel jobs at both Redcar and Tata with a possible 15,000 more to come. The broken promise not to cut tax credits which will leave 3 million people worse off. The loss of Child tax credits to parents with 3 or more children will potentially only see more children enter poverty. 

The betrayal of handing (potential) contracts to China for HS2, Nuclear power stations and more, where ironically the Chinese government subsidies it’s Steel industry. 

The ever more reported lack of awareness or acknowledgement  of human rights abuses in both Saudi Arabia (who we did a deal with to get them into the Human Rights council of all things and whom won’t be investigated for war crimes in Yemen) and in China. 

Then of course you have Cameron’s insistence on taking us to war in Syria despite it being nonsense to do so. Any prolonged intervention there not only will get much of the publics back up but puts us at risk of an all out war with nations such as Russia if something goes wrong. 

David Cameron’s inability to address any green issues. (Go Blue, Go Green anyone?) and to ride roughshod over a large voice that says no more fracking and of course the attempt to overturn the fox hunting ban. 

If I keep going i will be here all day but just finally the EU. With everything mentioned above you have to remember it is because of strict EU legislation, that our government chooses not to subsidise the steel industry. It is because of the EU that we can not trade outside Europe. It is because of the EU that the refugee crisis has been handled ineptly (although I acknowledge that many other factors are at play) It is because of the EU that the banks have been bailed out but sod the people of countries like Greece who have not only suffered but taken in a huge number of refugees and are at breaking point. 

When people realise that we can develop our own charter, our own human rights laws, our own world trade that makes our economy stronger, then Cameron may realise there is nothing he can negotiate that stops people voting to come out of the EU. He may lose that vote and to many people, that may be too much to take.

All of this and whatever else is on the horizon, including people getting bored of them talking about Labour and not their own policies, could create that perfect storm or opportunity for Labour to pounce on their dissaray. 

It’s the people who will push that through with their determination and enthusiasm. Then when the rest of the country sees the mess the Tories are in and how vibrant and hopeful Labour and their supporters are.. and how honest Jeremy Corbyn is.. That may swing it for Labour in 2020.

As we have said before. Watch this space. Mock Labour at your peril. 


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