Paris is our legacy

Have our military actions abroad made the UK or America any safer today? How about France? Are the French safe now? 


If the West had not spent the past year and a half messing around in Syria, illegally arming and backing moderate terrorists…Sorry… Rebels.. in an attempt to overthrow the Assad regime then maybe, just maybe ISIS wouldn’t have been able to carry out its atrocity in Paris last night.  

In other news this morning that you may have missed members of the Afghanistan army are beginning to defect to the Taliban taking their weapons with them. Dozens have already done so. You can read the story here. The reason for entering Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack on America was allegedly due to The Taliban providing refuge to Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda. 

Years later many British and American troops have lost their lives in “the war on terror” along with countless civilians and Afghan forces. Now it seems it may all be for nothing. 

Back on 20th October the Taliban took back a stronghold from the British in Helmund as reported here with the headline “security unravels” 

Perhaps though this will suit the Americans and the British. As no progress has been made in Syria and the West is losing face to the Russian and Kurdish forces perhaps their attention will be drawn to Afghanistan and they will use that as their get out (of Syria) clause and if that happens then the West will be engaged on four fronts in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, not to mention our intervention in Libya. 

It’s sometimes easy to forget the incredible mess that the Middle Easy is in. 

Take the Kurdish forces for example, having recently taken back a town in Syria from ISIS they are clearly intent on ridding the region of ISIS yet Turkey is targeting the Kurds in more ways than one, including previousley using American weapons on the Kurds which were originally provided to them to fight ISIS. 

Yet Turkey are the allies of the West. 

Think about that whole scenario for a moment. Our allies are targeting other allies using weapons provided by other allies. 

Then of course you have the issues surrounding the terrorists..Oops there we go again… Syria fighting Assad. The US admitted they have funded the rebels to the tune of $500Million to take on Assad and as we have already touched upon, this has allowed ISIS to gain strength, uninpeded for more than a year. Yet the moment Russia stepped in, at the legal request of the elected Syrian president and directly took on ISIS, the West announced that Russia was in fact “aggressive” that they have made Syria “unsafe” (because the countless countries already there illegally along with the rebels, ISIS and Assad’s own troops weren’t already making the place ‘unsafe’) and that Russia was “the single greatest threat” to the U.S. 

Not ISIS then? 

Of course the US so far have refused to work with Russia to defeat ISIS as they are incensed that they are also supporting the elected ruler of the country to remain in power.  

Peace talks are ongoing.. without President Assad.. and Saudi Arabia appear to be calling some of the shots by suggesting that for there to be peace Assad must go and Iran must withdraw from Syria (Iran is providing support to Assad also). 

Saudi Arabia. That bastion of human rights. The same Saudi Arabia that recently was heading up the Human Right Council thanks to the backing of David Cameron who admitted on air that the reason for “the deal” was because Saudi Arabia provides “valuable intelligence” for our security. Shame they didn’t see Paris coming. 

Of course this doesn’t touch on Saudi Arabia’s export of terrorism. Wahabbism. The origins of ISIS. 

If there is one thing that is very apparent it’s this; The world is far more unsafe now that Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Gaddafi (and soon Assad?) have been dispatched from their seats of power. The void they have left has not only given rise to ISIS but also paved the way for last nights terror attack in Paris. 

You can bet your last dime or penny on one thing, the war hawks will right now be deciding on what their next move will be. Whatever decision they make, it won’t be made listening to the public. 

1 Million people marching against the Iraq war only to be ignored was proof of that.

Our advice for what it’s worth? If you can’t bring yourselves to join with Russia and the Kurds and destroy ISIS and prevent another possible terror attack on a major Western City then get out of the Middle East, withdraw all troops before we make yet another catatsrophic mistake. 

Every action the West has done, especially over the past 15-20 years has led to this moment. There can be no doubt. Few though will admit it, instead they want nothing but war and that’s exactly where our leaders want to take us at our peril. 

The one thing we haven’t tried over the past 15-20 years is keeping our noses out. 

On a final note for those that may say 9/11 occurred when “we hadn’t done anything to them”. The interference of Middle Eastern politics goes back a long time, to the Afghan War when the British and Russians forst fought for control of the rebel groups of the time by providing them weapons. Sound familiar? Finally the first Iraq War in the mid 1990’s. Anyone with a good memory will recall what a mess we left Iraq in at the time. The people suffered as a result. We bred terrorists. 

There is little doubt that religious fundamentalism does play its part, but what you don’t do is feed that fundamentalism. 

Nothing we have done for the past 15-20 years+ has worked. It has not achieved anything of any benefit to anyone. 

How long before we wake up to the mess our own governments have created? 

France was recently declared in many quarters as the ‘New Britain’ to America. The ‘right hand’ country to the U.S. 

If we don’t wish to reap, let us not sow any more. 


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