Labour may self destruct on Syria vote

The question of Syria is hugely complicated. No one is pretending it isn’t. Least of all us. 

The world is a stage and with so many players and so much deceit it’s hard to know who the villains and heroes of the piece are. 

We won’t go into who is who in this unfolding drama as likely you already know. Everyone has their good and bad guys and gals. 

It was announced yesterday that David Cameron is to spend £12billion on 138 stealth fighter jets. –  In an interview with The Sunday Times, George Osborne said the investment will ensure the UK has the world’s second most potent carrier strike force after the United States, with the resources to tackle IS and other extremist groups for a generation. – That sounds to us like the government honestly believes that Bombing other countries is the answer to all our problems. 

Wether you do or don’t isn’t the only issue. Cameron, with £12bn in cuts to welfare has decided that Bombing other countries is far more important than supporting the most vulnerable in this country and what about the refugees from Syria? Cameron has spent over £1Billion to help them, since 2011 that is and we are second largest contributors for aid to Syrian refugees. Just think about what’s needed then ask yourself if £1billion in 5 years enough? When you weigh up £12billion for 138 war planes that would likely be Bombing Syria, it kind of puts things into perspective. 

Within a week or two Cameron will be calling for the vote on airstrikes in Syria and its this moment that will define the Labour Party and may well be the first act that truely impacts one way or another what happens to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. 

Please see the important and relevant links at the end of this article.

Corbyn was ushered in by the public as leader on a message of hope, change, peace, fairness and anti austerity. If Corbyn fails to get his party onto the same hymn sheet as himself it may just turn out to be the beginning of the end for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and may even prove to be the end of Labour as a party of any significance. Of course Corbyn may well yet vote in favour of airstrikes in Syria. Stranger things have happened. 

There are PLP members who have the daggers out for Corbyn and who would put it past them to vote against Corbyn just to spite him. 

He likely can’t win. Should he win the vote the right wing press will go to town on him with headlines like “Corbyn betrays his country” and if he loses the vote then we will likely see headlines such as “Labour in Chaos as MP’s rebel”. 

Regardless of that however Corbyn’s supporters should unite behind him screaming the message loud and clear. No more bombs in Syria. We know from history that Bombing terrorists is a short fix at best. Today’s moderate terrorists are tomorrow’s hardliners. The Conservatives would argue that ISIL are the most deadly terrorist organisation in history. No. Boko Haram are. They have killed more people than ISIS and are also crossing borders in Africa but we don’t see the same level of effort to rid the world of that disease, but then they are not attacking the West. Yet. 

So why Syria? What is it that is so important with Syria that we just have to join the fight? Maybe it’s because Russia has made a fool out of NATO. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to Bomb the Middle East in some way? Maybe it’s because the real goal is not ISIS but Assad instead? After all, how else do you explain the U.S. administrations admission that for the past year the U.S. has not been doing anything in Syria to tackle ISIS? 

So what can Corbyn’s supporters do? Well it’s out of their hands in terms of how the Labour MP’s vote but they can help undecided members of the public see Corbyn in a good light and see Syria as a country that needs help. Not Bombs. Indiscriminate in nature and destructive that they are. 

It’s not just innocent victims we should be concerned about after all. It’s the infrastructure, the fact we have been making things worse by arming moderate rebels, the risk of alienating yet more Middle Eastern people. The risk of an international war breaking out between rival nations… over Syria itself. With far-right rhetoric coming to the fore all across Europe, now more than ever the anti war movement needs its voice to be louder than ever. United. 

Stop the War has a petition running that urgently needs a quick signature from you and the social media campaign ‘Black out for Syria’ needs your backing. 

Then once done. Get behind Corbyn and lobby Labour MP’s to let them know the strength of feeling. Especially the ones most likely to vote against Corbyn. You can lobby your MP here using this clever tool that takes just 2 minutes to use 

For the  >>> ‘stop the war’ petition click the link here <<<

Join thousands of others for the >>> ‘Black out for Syria’ campaign, to change your profile image and pledge to do it by joining the event then click this link <<<

Oh… make sure others are aware of the importance of taking part in all of the above actions. 



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