Work. Why is it no fun?

When did the fun stop? 

My 4 year old bounced with joy when he saw the bin men and gleefully said “I want to be a bin man and collect all the bins”

I thought ‘at what point do we as humans stop thinking everything is fun and start realising that actually these things are not fun’
Work is never fun, not unless you happen to be doing the one job in the world that you actually really want to do. For most people that’s just not a reality. 

If you doubt that sentiment, ask yourself, would you be doing the job you have now exactly as it is, for no pay? If you answered no, then you are not doing the job because you enjoy it. You’re doing it out of need. You have no other way to survive without one. This is why workers can be seen as slaves. Even well paid ones. 

So when does the fun stop and the life sentence begin? From a practical view point it’s the moment you can legally pay taxes. From a theoretical point of view it’s the moment you have to do something when you’re told to do it, how they want it done and you’re told how much your time is worth. 

This is the moment your true freedom stops.

The reality is it probably never even started. Most people these days live at home with mum and dad into their twenties and even if you think you have had freedom for some years living at home, what about prior to your 18th birthday? Was there really that much freedom before then? Most people will not experience freedom until their retirement and even then they will be relying on the system for everything. Some of us may not even make it to retirement with the ever increasing retirement age.

Some will ask “well, what can we do about it”. The answer is not much. Unless the overthrow of Capitalism happens. Which is unlikely any time soon. 

But there are things we can do to change the future. 

• Campaign for schools to put ever more emphasis on teaching children self sufficiency in DIY and Agriculture in schools from a young age. 

• Teach your children these skills in the mean time. 

• Promote more skilled labour instead of meaningless desk work

• Practice bartering with your own products or skills. Work for food instead of money? After all, you will only spend the money on food anyway. 

These are just a few of many examples. 

One day when enough people realise that we don’t need the system we have, as we know it, then one day people will never have to work a day in their life again. Not in the true sense of ‘work’. 


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