Coup engulfs Facebook’s largest Corbyn group

According to some reports, last Sunday saw the beginning of a virtual coup of Facebook’s largest Jeremy Corbyn supporters group entitled ‘I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn‘.

I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn group, cover photo missing.

Today, Thursday, saw that virtual coup take hold to its fullest, at just before midnight the groups membership had plummeted from over 15,000 members to less than 8,000. (5,000 by 1.30am Friday morning)

An account, presumably fake, by the name of ‘Artem Kalita‘ had allegedly posed as a representative of the Labour Party and convinced the original administration team to allow him onto the admin panel. In the world of Facebook groups any administrator of a Facebook group can kick anyone out of the group including the groups creator. 

Artem Kalita, Fake account

This is exactly what happened leaving Artem the sole administrator of the group. Since then the group has been changed from a public group, where anyone can find the group, to a secret group, meaning no one can find the group via a Facebook search. 

Group changed from Open to Secret making the group inaccessible to outsiders

In addition to that the groups cover photo was removed, anti-Corbyn posts were put up within the group and as mentioned earlier members are now being removed from that group and it is expected that by some time on Friday the group will be down to zero members. 

In the meantime there has been a drive to warn members of the group and provide alternative groups to join to keep abreast of Labour news. (Details below) 

Whilst the actions of the individual in question poses no threat to users of Facebook or the group in question it will cause an inconvenience as they seek out other sources of information and means the core 15,000 members will now be spread more thinly across other groups, this though is likely to be easily overcome rendering the attackers efforts useless and pointless. 

In a similar attack just a few days ago the Facebook page ‘Red Labour‘ which also had several thousand members was also taken over. It is unclear if it was the same person behind the attacks but according to some reports the creator of Red Labour was the same as the creator of the I’m backing Jeremy Corbyn group meaning if the creator was duped for one, then it will have been easier to have been duped for the second. 

It appears dozens if not hundreds of people have reported the Facebook profile of the attacker to Facebook and according to some people his account was briefly taken off line, however his account was later re-established. 

Artems Facebook profile has one key pointer as to his agenda as shown by the image below, some have speculated that aside from just being a Conservative Party supporter the profile may be what is known as a professional troll. 

David.Cameron email address

This is someone who is paid to conduct actions like that has been described in this article, the only question that would remain is by whom? Conservative Party action groups? Official or unofficial Conservative groups? Some have suggested it could be the work of Britain First (although let’s not give them the credit for this, they can barely muster a meeting, let alone the downing of an established page and group). 

The idea of paid trolls is not outlandish to suggest. Israel have admitted they use paid military personnel to influence online debate in favour of their circumstances and the British Government have also admitted to the possibility of using military personnel to conduct similar actions against ‘online extremism’, and we all know David Cameron’s thoughts on Corbyn and his supporters. 

Ex members of the group who follow old links to the group are now met with this

Below are all the details you need to catch up and get back in touch with Corbyn Supporters.

We support Jeremy Corbyn was set up as an alternative group and people are being re-directed here where possible 

For the latest on what’s happening, this group was set up at the link

Other Corbyn groups that are established include Jeremy Corbyn leads us to 2020 and Jeremy Corbyn will be prime minister

If you find that you need to visit the new Red Labour page then click this new link here

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Spread the word about this incident to not only inform others so they know where to find other Corbyn supporters but also to provide a much needed warning about trusting new administrators into groups. 


Is Saudi Arabia trying to ethnically cleanse the Shia Houthi rebels?


We know Wikipedia is open to abuse. It’s also fair to say that it is well maintained and mistakes or falsified information are often quickly corrected. 

We have read through almost the entire section on the current Yemen conflict and see it as a very accurate representation. We believe it is clear and concise and will help you come to your own conclusion. (We have linked the article below and also to a video we think you will want to see where Kawczynski, Tory MP shares his views on Saudi Arabia)

Our conclusion, as if we doubted our own original understanding of the conflict shows that it is primarily a Shia/Sunni civil war. The historical background to the war shows that far from being some kind of Coup (also some will call it that) against a legitimate government there has been back and forth between the rebels (revolutionary committee) and the government forces for years. With peace agreements made and dispensed with in equal measure. 

What appears to be apparent is that the ruler and western recognised legitimate president of Yemen, Hadi, was a tyrant and corrupt. The entire revolution and purpose for the Houthi Revolution was to try and bring equality to the Shia minority. The previous president, popular with the Shia minority may not have been perfect but he did unite North and South Yemen. 

Situation in Yemen. Link to Wiki article below
This should be a clear case of a civil war and revolution as the Yemeni rebels saw it. They are not a small group. They are not unrepresentative.
However, Saudi Arabia and its coalition does not see it that way. As such, Yemen, where it once should have been a reasonably peaceful revolutionary takeover (or Coup) is now a new hot-bed for ISIS, and bloodshed for over 6,000 civilians largely in part due to Saudi Arabia’s (alleged) war crimes. 

When you hear the reports on TV there is no mention or suggestion that what Saudi Arabia and its allies are doing is wrong. Including the support the US and Britain is providing. 

Yet again though it follows a pattern. Any kind of Shia uprising or ‘equality drive’ is met with resistance, primarily from Saudi Arabia (the 47 executions being just one drop in the ocean of an example) but also with full support by the UK and US. 

If you haven’t heard what the Conservative select affairs committee MP, Kawczynski, thinks of the recent Saudi executions, we suggest you familiarise yourself here  before reading the full wikipedia article here

It does beg the question, If Saudi Arabia has no good apparent reason for going to war in Yemen against the Houthi rebels, then what is their aim? 

They are destroying Yemen with scant regard and it would be in their interest no doubt to cleanse as many (Shia) Houthi rebels from Yemen to allow the return of the Sunni president Hadi. In that sense it would not be unrealistic to suggest we are turning a blind eye and in some cases assisting in ethnic cleansing. Something the foreign affairs select committee seems to believe Assad is doing in Syria, and we don’t like him.

Is Syria simply good Vs bad? Civilians under siege. 

Is the war in Syria simply a case of good Vs bad? 

The report via the BBC at the link below gives details on civilians starving and besieged by various groups in various locations in Syria.  
In one city around 200,000 are besieged by ISIS and in various other towns thousands of civilians are held by Al Nusra. In one other city another 200,000 are besieged by government forces which is a stronghold for rebel groups. 

Whilst the region waits for more peace talks the fighting continues. The Western backed rebels hold onto civilian cities which is helping to encourage the Syrian army to keep the cities besieged. 

It would be easy to condemn the Syrian government for allowing the people to starve and no doubt they are culpable in many ways, we must though suspect that the rebel groups would benefit from ensuring no aid got through in any case. All the whilst people suffer and it’s the Syrian army doing the attacking, the more sympathy the rebels will gain. 

There has been anecdotal evidence to suggest that the rebels have in some cases used civilians as human shields. It wouldn’t be a great leap to imagine this may indeed be happening.

What is Assad to do? Leader of the nation and faced with rebel groups attacking his forces from within the civilian population. Whilst there is no doubt that Assad could and should do more to help the civilians and should answer for any war crimes that may have been committed it’s also important to realise that he can’t just ‘leave it’ and allow the rebels free reign. Would any other president of any other nation? Assad also knows that these rebels are Western backed. It’s an invasion by any other name. 

This is why it’s important to leave revolutions and uprisings to the people of individual nations. Foreign interference muddies the waters and no longer makes it about revolution but instead makes it something far more sinister. 

This is by no means a defence of Assad but more of a way to ask you to not take what the media says at face value. 

Anyone who has seen the film ‘Bitter Lake’ will contest to the reality that what we are seeing is a narrative, again, of plain and simple ‘good vs bad’ just like in Aghanistan when the complexity of the situation makes it anything but ‘good Vs bad’.

If it is about good vs bad, are we so sure we are on the good side?

Article on numbers besieged