To ALL my friends – Can you help me?

Seriously thanks for reading this. You could do me a massive favour by reading this, I know you’re not heavily into politics and I guess in a way this is political but really it’s more of a request. A favour. Something that you could do for me. You may owe me nothing but I think this may resonate with you. 

• If you’re wealthy then whoever is in charge of the country really won’t matter, it will never get that bad for you that you will become poor. Please, for those of us that are not that wealthy, for those of us that struggle it would help us a lot if you vote Labour in 2020. Think of it as a favour. 

• If you’re comfortable financially then I’m asking you to consider your friends who don’t have it so easy, who are not comfortable. We don’t want something for nothing but we do want a caring government and the only way we will be protected is by having a Labour government in 2020. So in 2020, can you vote Labour?

• If you’re working a minimum wage or maybe just above a minimum wage and you believe that a vote for the Conservatives is going to give you the best chance in life then I am asking you to consider two things. 1) For some of us the Conservatives won’t give us a chance to get on in life, we believe a Labour government will help us to survive and give us a chance 2) With the welfare cuts and the way the Conservatives treat the poor, what happens if you lose your job or get made redundant? Will the way things are now give you confidence that you could survive? In short, if Labour are in power not only will you keep your job but if anything happens to your job or you go through a struggle in life the only party that will help you keep your head above water is Labour. Please,  can you vote Labour in 2020?

• If you don’t vote for anyone, please, it’s just a matter of walking into a booth and ticking a box. You can even do it by post. If it doesn’t bother you who is in power then can you help a friend out? Could you do your friend a favour? Could you vote Labour in 2020? 

You may have heard that Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, is a risk to national security or that he is a danger to you and your family or that he will take the country backwards. If you’re still with me… I can give you a very brief explanation…

Do you think I am stupid? I may be poor but I am not stupid. I am not going to vote for someone who is dangerous to myself or you. I care about everyone, rich or poor. Even if we rarely speak.. I do care what happens to you. 

The reason the press and the establishment do not like Jeremy Corbyn is simply because he wants bankers to not be able to get away with ripping the British public off, he wants the likes of Google to pay their fair share of tax so that Britain is more wealthy, he doesn’t want wars, he wants to find diplomatic solutions to conflict, he wants to stop selling weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia that use them to kill civilians. He wants fairness, justice and a prosperous future for everyone, including YOU. Of course the establishment don’t like him, because the establishment would like to protect the banks and corporations at all costs because all they think about is money.

I know you’re not all about money. Sure like most people you like money and you want to be able to spend it but that’s not going to stop under Jeremy Corbyn. Whatever happens in 2020 you will be just fine no matter who is in charge. For some of us though, who is in charge will impact us. It wil make a difference. It will make our lives harder. 

So I am asking you to do me and people like me a favour. Can you vote for Labour in 2020? Can you look through the lies in the media? Can you instead listen to me, your friend? 

We may talk lots or we may only be acquaintances on a social media site but regardless, we know each other, and I’m asking you to vote with me, not against me. Can you help? 


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