8 Point Guide to Muslim Terrorists

Muslim Terrorists: Your 8 point guide

1. The Paris bombers, the Belgium bombers and today’s Brits charged with terrorism were nearly all Nationals of those respective countries. They all held passports of those respective countries. They were NOT refugees.

2. Even though the EU has an open border policy the UK and most other EU countries still have security checks where passports are checked. We still effectively have borders. You can’t just ‘walk in’ to the UK or other countries.

3. Even if the EU did not have an open border policy passports can be faked. You don’t need to be a refugee to enter a country illegally.

4. The single biggest religious group that is targeted by Muslim extremists is not Christianity, it is Islam. Around 80% of all ISIS deaths in the world are committed in places such as Iraq and up to around 4 other countries across the globe (none of which are in Europe) against Muslim populations.

5. Muslim Extremists are not following the popular belief of Islam and Islamic teachings. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance in the same way that Christianity teaches peace and tolerance. However, like the Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK claim to be devout Christians, no one would claim they follow the true meaning of Christianity just like no one with an ounce of intelligence would or should suggest that Extremists follow the true teachings of Islam. In fact the extremists use the teachings of Wahabbism, an extreme bastardised version of Islam originally taught and still exported to this day from Saudi Arabia with whom the British government is close allies with and sells millions of pounds worth of weapons to.

6. Claiming that the left wing political supporters have allowed the EU bombings to take place by being too accepting of refugees and foreigners is null and void when you consider that actually it’s the right wing political supporters that have backed the Conservative government in their clear drive against the refugees. Yet it’s this very government which is close allies with Saudi Arabia as mentioned above and has deposed two and a would-be deposed third world leader in the name of democracy which has DIRECTLY led to increased terrorism within the EU. Who’s to blame here? Other countries that have not been involved in any way have not been bothered by international terrorists such as ISIS.

7. Some people say the EU bombings are too much and start talking of actions against Muslims and refugees yet where was the anti Irish sentiment during the IRA peak years? No one was calling for Irish people to be deported or arrested at the drop of a hat and they committed far more destruction on the Streets of Britian than IS ever has.

8. Muslims hate ISIS and the people that associate themselves with ISIS and they do come out and say it. The media though rarely covers it. Look hard enough however and you will find the stories covering it.

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