Just 10 months in power and it’s already falling apart for Cameron

The Conservatives have not been in Power since John Major and that only changed in May last year. Prior to that of course they shared the floor with the Liberal Democrats. “Come back… all is forgiven!” Sort of. It seems the Lib Dems had been keeping them in check after-all because since May 2015 the Conservatives have been running amok, bringing the house down with it and quite honestly pissing everyone right off.

In fact the downward spiral started at the end of 2015 when Cameron announced he would negotiate his new terms for the EU as part of the referendum ‘Remain’ package. Bet he wishes he hadn’t started all that now.

Since then we have just about seen it all and perhaps now we are waiting for the final few scenes before they completely implode. Below is a bullet point list of all that has happened so far in no particular order. (If we have missed anything in particular let us know in the comments – contributions added at the end of the article)

● Tories split on EU referendum
● Defeat on Working Tax Credits
Defeat on solar tax
U-Turn on PIP cuts
IDS Quits ministerial position
● J. Hunt fails on BMA negotiations
● Jr.Doctors conduct Strike action
● N. Morgan faces Teacher backlash
● NUT threatens strike action
● Osbourne 2016 budget labelled unfair
● Osbourne misses every fiscal target
Defeated on immigration ammendment to accept 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees
Corbyn leads in Polls over Cameron
● Huge decline in Industry sectors such as steel industry as steel industry collapses under Tory government
● Financial bail out of banking industry
● Contracts for infrastructure such as Nuclear power stations and HS2 offered to foreign investors such as China & France
● Cameron’s own admission that deal was done with Saudi Arabia to put them in charge of Human Rights council
● Sell off of Post office for under the value of its worth.

Not to mention multiple other goings on in the public eye such as evidence that the poorest people will be 10% worse off this parliamentunder the tories whilst the richest will be better off. Boris Johnson making a fool of himself by declaring Sadiq Khan dangerous for London. Allegations that the NHS downgraded how much they needed to survive. Government to repeal animal welfare industry standards. Disability protesters inside Houses of Parliament. The confirmation that the working poor are to face £12 Billion more in cuts this parliament. Not to mention the public & pathetic theatrical displays of childish bullying by the prime minister during Prime Ministers Questions and also the vote to frack underneath national parks. Continuation of HS2 now reaching an expected £50 Billion and won’t even be ready until 2026.. and that’s just phase 1. The complete refusal to discuss cannabis laws despite expert evidence in favour of legalising cannabis.

In 2010 they made a promise to build 250,000 homes every year, they failed. In 2015 they issued the same promise and still they are failing to build anywhere near this number of houses as the housing crisis continues.

In fact we kept a loose list of things that went wrong whilst they shared power with the Liberal Dems;

-Wages not keeping pace with inflation
-Wage freezes
-Public service cuts
-Bedroom Tax
-Support for Israel despite unofficially recognising Palestine
-Supply of Arms to Israel continues 
-War in Iraq
-Intervention in Syria
-Continued war in Afghanistan 
-Failed to enact a referendum on the EU in parliament
-Promises to reform the EU but has not shown how they can do this
-Overseen failed attempts to organise an internal review on failure to Document child abuse allegations
-Contempt of the people by calling people who believe a child abuse cover up has taken place as ‘conspiracy theorists’. 
-Contempt of the people by suggesting that fringe left are considered domestic extremists
-Altering policy to suit UKIP voters
-Privatisation of the NHS can be seen but is denied as being the case. 
– “All in it together” slogan (we’re not)
– No advancement in improving the housing crisis
– Demonisation of the poor evidenced in part by their use of pie chart on Tax forms regarding welfare spending
– Downsizing council tenants despite not making available new properties to cope with demand
– Affordable housing, not being affordable
– The unpopular universal credit scheme 
– Introduction of the Badger Cull
– Advancement of Fracking despite major opposition. 
– Negotiating a 1% compensation scheme from Fracking companies to residents despite the US government negotiating an 11% package. 
– No energy policy in place
– Advancement of the unpopular TTIP
– GCHQ/NSA debacle
– Zero hour contracts and part time work being used to manipulate unemployment figures

All we need now is for the PLP to stop derailing the Labour Party with infighting and get behind Corbyn. Thankfully it seems the public are seeing through the mess and the PLP are doomed to accept the changes or get out.

Share this to let everyone know how the Tories are messing the country up.

Additions to the above will appear below as a result of reader contributions:

– (Beverley) Promised flood defence finances not released in 2014 resulting in further flooding in 2015
– (William) Revelation that multiple Tories who voted for cuts to ESA benefits are patrons to charities whose users rely on such payments
– (Graham) 2013 Conservative government lost Britians ‘Moody AAA’ rating.
– (Graham) Called Corbyn and people voting against Syrian air strikes “terrorist sympathisers”
– (James) Forcing schools into academy status
– (Cristina) Despite over 80% of people being against a return to fox hunting the Conservatives have tried to repeal the ban.
– (Cristina) Not only did they introduce the Badger Cull as mentioned above, they extended it despite overwhelming scientific evidence that the Cull was ineffective.
– (Bob) Refusal of IDS to release evidence into suicides as a result of benefit cuts and ATOS interventions
– (Bob) Suggestions that welfare cuts don’t matter because ‘they don’t vote for us anyway’
– (Ruth) At its peak over 1 million people in the UK using food banks
– (Ruth) Sharp Increase in suicides rates amongst poorest in society
– (Ruth) Increase in homelessness under the Conservatives
– (Karen) Drastic cuts to the education budget and teacher wages have resulted in a teacher shortage crisis
– (Michael) Lack of provision for ex-servicemen as Military spending slashed by government. Angela Merkel suggests Britian looking to contribute to European Army
– (Jackie) Misleading on state pensions for women.
– (Jo) Conservatives have borrowed 4 times more money than any other Labour government in theit time in office.
– (Jo) Sold off the land registry
– (Jo) Taxpayers face £20 Billion loss on RBS sale
– (N McFarlane) Dirty tricks campaign during Scottish Referendum
– (Malcolm) The use of sanctions to manipulate employment figures let alone the hardship people face when sanctioned. Scandal of sanctions being given for frivolous breaches of ‘rules’
– (Josh) Bullying Scandal within the ‘Young Conservatives’
– (Vim) Changing trespass laws to allow Fracking companies to drill under private properties
– (Vim) Over ruling local authorities on Fracking applications or/and making decisions on Fracking applications where local authorities take too long to decide
– (Lorraine) Allowing pesticides that they know affect the bee population
– (Donna) UK government under investigation by United Nations for human rights violations against disabled.
– (Pat) Cuts to part of the NHS that takes care of the elderly, particularly social care.
– (Derek) Whilst in coalition gave the banks £200 Billion in Quantative easing to stimulate lending which failed to occur
– (Kelly) 56% cuts to local authorities meaning essential services cuts
– (Neil) Cuts to prison services leading to record level of assaults on staff.
– (Johanna) Google paying just £130 Million as back payment for 10 years worth of unpaid taxes.
– (Derek) Carbon capture project dropped.
– (Malc) Altering child poverty guidelines to artificially pull children out of poverty statistics.


60 thoughts on “Just 10 months in power and it’s already falling apart for Cameron”

  1. Exposed ,The huge number of conservative members of parliament holding office in charities supporting various disabled abilities whilst at the same time voting to reduce the income of those self same people. ,

    Liked by 2 people

  2. War on wildlife: trying to bring back hunting despite 82% being against it.

    Extending badger cull against overwhelming scientific advice and despite it being assessed as inhumane and ineffective by their own advisory panel.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Denial of thousands of suicides among the disabled following “fit for work” assessments and then saying “it doesn’t matter anyway as they don’t vote for us.”


      1. George Osborne running to Europe to defend bankers bonuses whilst turning down European offer of 460million for aid towards flooding. Osborne off his head at pmqs . Tory donors bn given cushy jobs n made lords . Ashcrofts book and shagging a dead pig

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  4. Nubers of ex-servicemen living on the streets, due to the culling of the Armed Forces in preparation for a EU Force and the Governments thank you for your service, sir


  5. Taxpayers facing 20bn loss on RBS

    Animal welfare codes being repealed

    Selling off the land registry

    Did you mention losing the triple A credit rating and borrowing more than Labour has in all it’s years in government combined?


  6. Can we add the lies prior to Scottish independence referendum, and the probable vote rigging to get the ‘no’ result?


  7. Other big Tory crimes:

    Sell off of publicly owned shares in RBS at a £22bn loss. Changing laws on trespass to allow fracking companies to drill underneath private property. Rolling back protections for national parks to allow fracking companies to drill underneath them (as long as the well sites were situated outside the boundaries – for now). Privatising the Land Registry so that monies paid to it no longer go into central treasury funds, whilst simultaneously giving the new private company sole responsibility for making planning decisions over publicly owned land (such as national parks and greenbelts) which will open the door to them being sold off to property developers or, obviously, fracking companies. Bypassing democracy by overruling local planning officials and making decisions over fracking applications a ministerial one. Selling off our publicly owned schools to Tory donors’ companies in a huge asset stripping exercise disguised as creating ‘academies’. Destroying the UK fire service leaving huge swathes of the UK unprotected in emergency cases. There’s so much going on it’s exhausting trying to keep pace with the psychopaths!


    1. Thank you. Some of those points already added but a couple you have mentioned have been added to the article. Thanks for your contribution.


  8. Their successful appeal to Europe not to cut the huge EU grants to all landowners (including the Queen and Prince Charles) at the same time as their benefit cuts to all unemployed, disabled and working poor.

    Their Right to Buy being used by one Tory and his wife to buy a second home by claiming taxpayer money after putting down a large deposit.


  9. Never mind eh! am sure that after losing the Referendum on EU as planned that he will – damn got that wrong, .ever mind always a 2nd or 3rd will take place until the correct is submitted Mr Archon Sir.


  10. What about “the Coalition continued granting the bankers an additional £200bn in QE to lend to businesses and produce growth in GDP – neither of which happened – while blaming Labour for deficit instead of the bankers”?


  11. The 56% cuts to local council authorities which means cuts to children’s and elderly services as well as education. All the things they said would not receive cuts.


  12. Cameron’s ‘Nudge Unit’ to nudge the unemployed into having the right attitude to work and make them think in the ‘correct way’.


  13. The election looms..2016..The black ops are in full swing, aided and abetted by the treacherous media..All have been demonised, the sick, the unemployed, the old, immigrants..all painted as Britains downfall..All to deflect away from the real cause of Britains downfall..All the time the Westminster terrorists, the politicians, are getting fatter and fatter off the theft and corruption they propogated constantly..All the time the peodophiles and thieves laugh in their vile demolishing of British values..All corruption has become normal..Most media has fallen to the disease called corruption..all stink..The vile stench pours from our broadcasting companies..A call to arms was crying from the rooftops..A fightback..The blood is boiling..No more austerity..no more deaths through hunger..no more food banks..no more repossesions of homes..no more tinkering with our childrens education..no more illegal wars..We reach for our arms..our laptops, our computers, our mobile phones, all our weapons that the powerful want to control..We have started hammering away..chattering away..spreading the word..It starts in Scotland..No more filth..no more corruption..no more cover ups of the rats..It will spread..Scotland first..Wales follows..the rest of England soon follows..then the Irish..We all want away from the corruption of Westminster..all of us..except the Unionists..The radicalised of Britain..our home grown terrorists..the brainwashed..the dumb..the thick..the destroyers of democracy all to the cry of “No Surrender”..what twaddle..so lost in time..a lost cause hanging on by their fingernails at the edge of democracy..the last remnants of a “Great Britain” that exists no more..its gone..Thank god..Scottish National Party has to get the elections in the bag come next year…This is a call to arms..No blood just from our fingers hammering away till they bleed….


  14. Failure to make Google and numerous other corporate giants as well as individuals pay the apropriate level of tax (if any at all).

    NHS contracts awarded to companies who avoid paying tax.

    Also the continued push towards academies despite knowledge of failing academies, fraud committed within academies, and lack of accountability of academies.

    Failure to hold bankers accountable for their part in the economic crash.


  15. Selling off national treasures and land (especially in London) at a below market value to friends and cronies of the Tory party, and developers to build non-affordable houses on. Sorry if It has already been mentioned!


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