Can we #FeelTheBern? #JezWeCan!

From this side of the pond over in the UK there is huge interest in the US presidential race. Certainly in my time there has been no greater interest in any previous presidential campaign.

At the time of writing it’s still a two horse race for both the Democrats and the Republicans and the UK is waiting with baited breath at who will lead ‘the free world’ into the next four years or more and of course the interest is so huge because the diversity of candidates is on one hand so great and yet on the other so narrow.

Donald Trump, where do we fact, more to the point, where do we end? So we won’t even start. We all know the score. Ted Cruz, whilst off the radar thanks to the antics of Mr.Trump, is an arguably worse candidate for president than Trump. At least with Trump you know what you’re getting and can see him coming a mile off.

Then you have Clinton. The old guard. The same-old-same-old lying sack of crap establishment candidate that are two a penny.

Finally of course you have Bernie Sanders. Oh Bernie. Dear old Bern. In perhaps the Twilight of his political career and yet.. so new!

Why is he so new? It’s because in recent years we in the West have finally become far more aware of how politics works, we have become as clever as the politicians in uncovering their failings as they are at covering up those same failings, it’s often a game of cat and mouse and it’s a game that the public are winning and Bernie Sanders is echoing the change that the public are experiencing. It’s not new for himself of course, he has been shouting the same message for decades but no one was listening before, that’s all changed now and the people are voting. It just remains to be seen if enough people are ready for the new way of doing things.

It’s worth pointing out though that it’s not a ‘Revolution’ as the Bernie campaign often cites. It’s more ‘revelation’ than ‘revolution’. Even under Bernie Sanders it would still be a capitalist society, billionaires will still get rich and the poor will remain relatively poor. What Bernie offers, which is still great, is less poverty and less easy money to the already rich. He will offer better civil rights and more opportunity for the oppressed. He will offer fairness, justice and above all accountability in the political system and it’s this point that will resonate throughout history, no longer will politicians be able to ride roughshod over the people, not when Bernie will have been the template for how politics should be done and it’s that legacy that will go down in history for changing the way politics at least should be done.

(Bernie Sanders latest endorsed advert)

The exact same thing is happening in the UK with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party. He was elected against all odds as Leader in 2015 with the largest ever mandate given to a Labour leader. His policies are a mirror for Bernie Sanders, they even sort of look alike and are in a similar age bracket and indeed their political history has crossed paths and their civil rights activities preceeds them. Corbyn intends to challenge Prime Minister David Cameron at the 2020 general election assuming Cameron (or indeed Corbyn) lasts that long.

Cameron may resign after the EU ‘in or out’ referendum in June if it goes against him and he loses. Oddly, those waiting to take his position echo the candidates in the US presidential race. Boris Johnson (first in the latest polls) is a more typically British Donald Trump, Theresa May (second in the latest polls) is our Hilary Clinton and George Osborne (third in the latest polls) is a watered-down Ted Cruz… although still very much an arsehole.

You really couldn’t have made this up just 12 months ago. The similarities in the US and UK politics is as startling as it is striking. We in the UK are even more rooting for a Bernie Victory as it will give Corbyn’s campaign here hope and the impetus to beat the odds against the establishment.

(Corbyn comparison to Sanders)

Like your situation in the US though it will be a revelation rather than a revolution because if Corbyn wins, at some point he will retire or resign and it will likely go back, in part at least, to the old ways of doing politics but again with the caveat that Corbyn can change how it all works in favour of democracy justice, fairness and above all accountability.

It’s a new dawn, potentially, for Western politics and it should not be lost on anyone the huge political shift with a global impact that will take place should both sides of the Atlantic adopt Democratic Socialism or indeed outright Socialism.

The only thing I personally am not impressed about is our choice of hashtag. You have #FeelTheBern which is from the same phrase denoting someone on the receiving end who has been scourned or made a fool of.. and gives a visual image of heat, fire..being scorched. Edgy. Yet in the UK we have..

… #JezWeCan and that only conjours up an image of ‘Bob the Builder’ the children’s cartoon character who’s catchphrase is “yes we can”. It just doesn’t make you envisage anything remotely edgy or hard hitting as #feelthebern

I guess you can’t have everything but it fits right in with the British way of doing things. Some things never change.

Now all we need to do is hope that at least one of these men actually goes on to win.

New York as I understand it is the next big one. Good Luck Bernie. Good luck America.



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