Sir, I have A Cunning Plan. If Sanders loses, We Vote Trump.

It may seem like one of Baldricks most stupid plans ever, but in the words of Blackadder “it might just work”.

In the 2015 UK general election Ed Miliband’s Labour Party faced off against David Cameron’s Conservative Party. As it turned out, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition didn’t fair too badly in the 2010-2015 government and in truth the Lib Dems reigned in much of the Conservative hard hitting policies that we are seeing in the current government which is entirely Conservative led.

Russell Brand had advocated that people didn’t vote in the  2015 election and as it transpired with or without his help that’s pretty much what happened. In fact Brand at the last possible moment changed his mind and told everyone to vote for Labour. That certainly didn’t help matters and the result was a Conservative victory.

What came out of that loss though was hope for change in the form of Jeremy Corbyn after he won the Labour leadership contest when Ed Miliband stepped down. Jeremy Corbyn would never have even had the opportunity to gain the leadership if it wasn’t for Labour losing the 2015 election so perhaps it was fate. There was a good reason why Labour lost and looking at the situation now, thank goodness Labour did lose the election or we would still have the same old choices on offer and the status quo firmly in place.

Although Corbyn’s opportunity came about by sheer accident it was a brilliant result for the part of society clamouring for change and they took that accident and turned it into opportunity.

The question is, what if the same result could actually be repeated but this time by design, rather than by accident?

Bernie Sanders. The US equivalent of Jeremy Corbyn in so many ways. He is behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination for president but at the time of writing he has won 7 of the last 8 primary or Caucus elections and is snapping at Clintons heels. He may just do it, against all the odds. This blog certainly hopes he does win.

There is though a problem. If Clinton wins instead, many Sanders supporters have vowed not to vote for Clinton under any circumstances. This could directly lead to the country voting for Donald Trump, the current front runner for the Republican nomination.

But that might not be a bad thing. Don’t shoot me down just yet, Trump is still a chump as far as I can see, but this could be the change by design I was referring to.

Imagine, you have the establishment favourite Hillary Clinton swanning around like she owns the place expecting a comfortable victory. Meanwhile the Republicans are running scared that this crazy guy named Trump is alienating everyone and expecting a huge loss.

Suddenly, up pops Trump as the winner. The Democratic establishment are shell shocked and the Republicans will be drawn into a false sense of security about the level of support for their candidate. Change will have to come from within the Democratic party. They will have to rethink their entire strategy and be more liberal with who they put up for nomination in the future leading to more candidates ‘like’ Bernie Sanders if not exactly the same, after all, there is only one Bernie Sanders. This isn’t pie in the sky either, there are already calls for this to happen amongst Sanders supporters.


This will lead some to be screaming “do you know what Trump will do to our country?”

Yes, he may mess it up but can it get much worse than it is already? Huge debt, huge unemployment, civil rights issues, cops going mental, entire states passing homophobic laws, half of the world has an issue with you from a military stand point… what could possibly go wrong by putting Trump in charge? Besides you can always take to the streets and make your voice heard if things got really bad.

Ok Trump could make it worse, but that’s part of the point of this whole thing. Think of it as teaching the doubters a lesson. You’re sacrificing yourself for a few years of pain in exchange for something that will gloriously spring from the changes that follow.

The irony here is that Trump is often being called a racist yet much of the mainly ethnic states have voted for the guy. Is that just turkeys voting for Christmas or have us White folk just had a bit too much white privilege as we try to tell ethnic people what’s good for them?

Either way, i don’t like the idea of Trump being in charge any more than you do, and I would rather he was in charge than Ted Cruz should he overtake Trump as the front runner. Cruz has somewhat flown under the radar but he is a greater threat to America than Trump. At least with Trump you know what he stands for and what you’re getting. That Ted Cruz, slippery little fecker he is.

I am saying some of this with a little humour in tow but my sentiment is serious. You vote for Trump should the worst happen to Sanders and you could well engineer a political change that will reverberate through history. Especially if you fight for that change.

If British politics proved one thing in 2010, it’s this; Change can come from adversity and sometimes sacrificing something good in the hope that it forces something better to come along…actually works.

New York is just around the corner, hopefully you’ll not need to force anything.



2 thoughts on “Sir, I have A Cunning Plan. If Sanders loses, We Vote Trump.”

  1. All your dates and facts are hilariously wrong in the first paragraph and the start of your second, is erroneous too. Please check your dates and facts before you right your comparative essay.


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