A Defence of Naz Shah and Who is Behind Her Suspension?

One thing must be made clear before you read the rest of this article. The comments and posts shared by Naz Shah were in my opinion at worst ill advised and at best knee-jerk.

Especially for someone with her role and the meetings she is currently involved in. There are though some mitigating factors, not least the fact that she made these online comments 2 years ago at a time when Israel was bombarding Palestine and killing thousands of civilians. Her thoughts at the time will have echoed the thoughts of many who support the rights of Palestinians.

In fact it wasn’t even a comment. She shared the following image,


This blog has shared this image previously and many others like it. Memes likes this are shared to express outrage at the Government of Israel, the so-called Zionists. Of course this would never be an acceptable solution to them which is why this is always a knee-jerk response and not a viable solution, it’s shared to make a point, not pass genuine solutions to an age old problem.

Being anti-Zionist is very different to being anti-semitic. To be anti-semitic is to be anti Jewish. To be anti Zionist is to be anti nationalist. Think of it as opposing the EDL in Britain, that’s about the closest comparison you’re going to see, off the top of my head at least.

When you criticise the EDL and perhaps suggest that England relocates to somewhere far away to avoid the people of Bradford it’s clearly not a sensible suggestion but is a knee-jerk reaction against the nationalists.

We are not going to give a history lesson on Israel because we will be here for a very long time but suffice to say there are even branches of Judaism that do not support Israel nor it’s government. In fact some sections of Judaism originally only wanted for Jewish people to be able to go back to the region we know as Palestine and Israel, to re-integrate and be welcome as recognition of their right to return after historically being removed from the region (in plain English), whereas some, including Zionists believe that the actual State of Israel has a right to rule the entire area including Jerusalem. They don’t want to just intergrate back into the region, they want power and want it for themselves.

We have written it in layman’s terms but don’t take our word for it go and investigate yourselves. This link to an article by ‘Vice’ may give you a starting point.

What all this points to is that being anti-Zionist is a legitimate stance to take and is not a racist and anti-semitic stance to have.

Anyone who is anti-Zionist does not believe in any way that Jewish people are the enemy nor are they oblivious to the fact that not all Jewish people support the state of Israel.

A political commentary by BBC political correspondent Iain Watson may shed some light on what is really happening within the depths of Parliament and the Labour Party itself.

He wrote;

“Saying sorry three times didn’t prevent Naz Shah’s suspension.

Number 10 are taking credit – but one shadow cabinet member, Lisa Nandy, had already called for her suspension and I’m told other Labour figures had approached party officials privately to call for the same thing.

Ten days ago Labour’s general secretary had reassured MPs those accused of anti-Semitism would be expelled or suspended.

Insiders say that once the Labour leader had decided to hand the matter to party officials, suspension – and an investigation – became inevitable.

Most Labour MPs recognise few members hold anti-Semitic views but that some high-profile cases have been toxic, and have been pressing their leadership to be more proactive in uncovering and rooting out unacceptable views.

And some on the party’s right are keen to force a leader who has opposed “witch hunts” of party members to use disciplinary procedures to erect, however reluctantly, some walls to Labour’s broad church – and to make clear that the views of some recent members and supporters aren’t welcome”

The original article can be viewed here

The website Guido Fawkes which released the story also highlighted a post she made prior to becoming an MP which used the hashtag #IsraelApartheid above a quote saying “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal”.

Not sure what the issue here is either, if you believe that Israel is committing war crimes and ignoring international law which many do then this post would be a natural response.. at least to some people who use social media. Again, at worst it’s a knee jerk response but no evidence of racism.

If anyone wishes to find racism with her comments we suggest they consider the evidence in this blog post before coming to an assessment against Naz Shah.

As Volataire once said;

To find out who rules over you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticise.

Which just leaves me to add, what is going on in the world today when criticising a countries regime is considered racist and criticising the Turkish Premier is considered a criminal offence… in Germany! (Click here for that story)

Whilst our own government does deals with countries such as Saudi Arabia whom most right minded people also believe are a fascist and extreme regime… but then we know Mr Cameron doesn’t like them being criticised either, in fact, the Tory government is happy to defend the Saudi regime as evidenced here on the Daily Politics Show some months ago.


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