A Case For Lexit From The EU.. Until Tomorrow

I remember just 5 years ago the left wing were worried about Agenda 21, the undemocratic EU and the corporate interests controlling the EU. They were worried about the fact that the EU had little interest in the environment and that all efforts for environmental action were meaningless.

5 years on and Agenda 21 doesn’t feature anymore, the EU is still seen as undemocratic but the people of the UK have lost faith so much with the electoral system in the UK that the undemocratic EU is seen as preferable. The corporate interests are alive and well in the EU with regards to TTIP and the bailing out of the banks and the destruction of Greece. A cap of a 2 degree temperature rise over 10 years is seen as a victory for the environment.

What happened in those 5 years?

The one biggest concern is that the Tories will do us over. Well let’s get Corbyn in Power and turn this ship around.

We don’t need an EU, we need cooperation, friendship and peace with our neighbours. It can take any form you like, new pacts, new treaties even a new organisation in the vision of the left socialist parties across Europe. Build again!

Just like FIFA is corrupt to the core, they insist on reforming it rather than starting afresh. Well the EU is corrupt, why reform what is fundamentally broken? Let’s start something new.

The tories will destroy Socialism in the UK with or without the help of the EU. We must be able to control the agenda against the Tories starting with voting Corbyn in 2020 then changing the election system to one that is either proportional representation of even a Swiss style of government and then get power and money out of politics whilst building a united Europe based on cooperation and unity and socialist values.

Do you think it’s going to become more socialist with the people in Power controlling it? No. We may get concessions or lip service but the EU is what it is. You can no more dress it up than you can dress up the far right in Europe as just ‘concerned about immigration’. Even Jeremy Corbyn isn’t happy with the EU as it is and for years he would have voted out if it wasn’t perhaps for the pressure of bowing to the PLP.

The far right is Born out of a lack of democratic control. It’s born out of ignorance and fear but that in turn is fuelled by the politicians not listening and not listening is a result of EU mandates.

Either way. We stand. We fight for justice here, then we fight for justice across Europe. Together. But not via the EU. #Lexit

The left across Europe need to grow some balls. Stop using a system that was in the end created to benefit the elite. Let’s create our own Europe, one that is created in our vision, not theirs.

That’s my thought for today.
Tomorrow I will no doubt give my argument to remain in the EU.

Still undecided.


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