The Obama Guilt Trip Fuelled An Exit

Graham Hennessy on the EU
Graham, in his own words, reflecting a growing call for people to consider a Brexit/Lexit vote. Graham was a one time ‘remainer’ but believes the time has come to pull out of the EU. His words may inspire you.


My feeling generally used to be that that much of it (The EU) was a smokescreen to obscure the fact that the European central bank is a hegemony in the most vile traditions of rampant free market capitalism, the IMF are basically well-organised criminals, and all of this would only continue to work successfully if we were all compliant.

However, I was voting “IN” for simpler reasons; I took Jeremy Corbyn’s trojan horse position – that the needed reforms were best achieved from within than without, and also the community spirit and shared cultural side, plus not wanting to be cut loose on an Island with an evil psychopath like Cameron in charge… All along though, I had serious misgivings…

Then, dry-heaving as I watched Barrack O’Bomber’s avuncular bonhomie bullshit; disingenuously guilt-tripping us over what he euphemistically calls “trade” (TTIP) … you know what? that was the catalyst I needed. If leaving means we are at the back of the queue when it comes to turning the world into a plutocratic dystopia … and putting a spanner in the works of this fascist corporate collusion – then I’m all over it.

People have short memories. Even leaving TTIP aside, The IMF, underpinned on European shores by the gaggle of corporate governments led by Merkl, is controlled by the rich, and governs the poor on their behalf. It’s now doing to Greece what it has done to one poor nation after another, from Argentina to Zambia. Its structural adjustment programmes have forced scores of elected governments to dismantle public spending, destroying health, education and all the means by which the wretched of the earth might improve their lives.

I am voting OUT… Fuck it.

With permission from Graham and a big thanks from Fifth Opinion


3 thoughts on “The Obama Guilt Trip Fuelled An Exit”

  1. Whereas the UK government would *never* sign up to the TTIP, because they are the least neoliberal bunch of c**** in the world.
    Seriously though, if you think Britain will have a stronger bargaining position negotiating a free trade arrangement as a smaller power block, something that Cameron and Osbourn have both backed prior to united european protest caused it to be ammended, you are delusional. If you think that it will save your public services from being dismantled and sold off to the highest bidder you are equally delusional. At the end of the day most figures that want an out want it so they don’t need to bother with those pesky European courts telling them workfare is slavery and the environment should be protected by not allowing bee killing pesticides, or massive overfishing of an already rapidly declining fish population. Granted, these things are unimportant in the massive drive to feed the great beast “econemy”. But I rather think it’ll come up when we have to explain to our kids what clean air was like and about how we used to have these things called rights but we decided johny foreigner had the wrong idea of what was right and wrong so handed it over to the psychopaths that brought you work capability assesments and institutionalised slavery to decide. Because, well, scroungers or something.
    Oh and if you want to see a “plutocratic dystopia” look out the window, its practically here already.


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