This One Radical Act Will Hit The 1% Where It Hurts

One radical act could damage the 1%, but will Corbyn’s followers take the plunge and send a message or will they follow the chorus line of the Labour Party?

Since Corbyn came on the scene I kind of put all hope into the fact that here was a man who would do radical things if he is elected. That’s still my hope.

Yesterday though I realised that I had forgotten all about why I was anti-capitalist in the first place. Why I was for the 99% and against the 1%. The whole world is talking about stifling the 1% and giving more back to the people but here is the problem…

…Corbyn can only do so much within the system we have.

In fact if he is elected in 2020 he will have perhaps a maximum of 5 years to be radical. Perhaps more if he is successful. It could be 10 or 15 years. It may even be just 1. In whatever time he has he will need to navigate some EU legislation that will restrict exactly what he can do (this is not to say it can’t be done). If he can’t do it, his appointment to the role of prime minister will have been wasted. Even if he can navigate the EU he will then have to run his radical plans past the house of Lords if it doesn’t get defeated in Parliament first. Assuming he can get past all of that the Conservatives may just undo everything he created should they one day be re-elected. That is almost a given in UK politics.

So what can we hope for realistically?

We asked for responses across several forums about what exactly were at the top of the wish list of Corbyn supporters and the overwhelming feedback has been for changes such as reforming social care, protecting the NHS from privatisation, restoring the welfare system, making education free again, having a huge house building programme, reforming the voting system and many other such things.

A few suggestions touched on the radical such as giving workers the right to buy out failing companies to put business’ into the hands of the workers, nationalising the banks and other such worthy causes, but the theme was reform.

Reform is not radical. The tories reformed the welfare system. Heck every government seems to reform everything.

If we are to utilise Corbyn to best effect for the Socialist movement we need to go beyond reform and if Corbyn is elected we need to demand radical change, not reform. Reform has been done to death. Let’s change the system if we possibly can.

As we said earlier however, the system does not work that way. Corbyn will be up against everything the capitalist system can throw at him and likely the PLP will continue to also throw everything they can at him.

Corbyn’s task is huge. How do we best deal with the 1%? how do we best tackle Capitalism? Is it through the likes of Jeremy Corbyn? No. His politics will be welcome and hopefully he will surprise us and the world, but what we as people need to do is to be radical ourselves in what we ask and what we demand. Real change can only come from the people.

In our mind it starts with putting the 1% in their place by making a radical statement that will reverberate across the world. It may be tough, it may be hard it may also be scary for some, but through adversity something better can emerge from the ashes, of Europe. We need to withdraw from the EU to stifle the 1% and the corporate entities that hold too much power. Then together, the people of Europe can create a new radical Socialist Europe.

Disclaimer: If you find the following too radical for your tastes, you can always have a look at our ‘14 Reasons to Vote Lexit’ at this link.</strong>

To understand why an exit from the EU is the best way to tackle the 1% we can not urge you enough to visit the link here or below at the end of this article. There you will find a video of a trunkated interview at 14 minutes long but you will be hooked on every word. Save it for later if you have to. There is also a link to the full 60 minute interview and a link to the original Telegraph article on the subject matter. The EU is more than what is seems on the surface and you will discover how the EU Commission is influenced by high ranking CEO’s.

When I first started rooting for Corbyn I felt that people were on board, and they are, but time and again the radical left were made fun of by the PLP, they were denounced, not welcome. Everyone who supported Corbyn defended the radical left because Corbyn was radical himself. During this EU debate many Corbyn supporters have proved less than radical and quick to ridicule the truly radical left, the vast majority of whom want to vote leave in the EU referendum. How has it got to this? When did the left stop supporting radical and when did the left stop believing that there was a 1% to even fight against? Because a vote for remain will play right into the hands of the 1% and capitalism will go marching on until such point capitalism eats itself and that will not be pretty.

In the meantime also familiarise yourself with the 5 Presidents Report which was recently released by the EU. It calls for greater integration on all fronts and seeing as Cameron has gained a deal for no further integration, it’s hard to see what influence they will have over the EU to reform it. Is Cameron lying about no further integration or is it a false promise by the EU to grant us that status? Perhaps there is just simply no intention to reform the EU.

Video link to interview on why the EU is corrupt and why we should leave. Make sure to share it with everyone.



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