Huge Blow To Remain Camp as Cameron Admits – ‘We Don’t Need The EU To Protect Workers Rights’

It seems that David Cameron has forgotten what side of the EU debate he is on leading to the question “who can we actually trust in this referendum?”

It also means that both the remain camps are headed by politicians where no-one quite knows if they are telling the truth or not.

With Jeremy Corbyn having for decades spoken out against the EU and voted against it at almost every opportunity only to back ‘remain’ in this EU referendum, now we have David Cameron in PMQ’s today admitting that the UK does not need the EU to protect workers rights in the UK after reeling off a list of all the rights the Conservatives have given “above and beyond” what the EU offers as it’s ‘underpinning’ of workers rights. Completely at odds with the remain campaigns assertion that the UK needs the EU to protect its workers rights.
(Video Below)


It might just be that Cameron has chosen to back remain as a tactical choice knowing that in the event of a Brexit he has already talked up all that is ‘good’ about the Tories and maybe he doesn’t really believe what he is saying about the EU anyway.

Quite where that leaves Corbyn we are not sure, with allegations that he is purely playing to the PLP by backing remain and not putting all his effort into the campaign itself, it’s all starting to make Nigel Farage look like ‘honesty and integrity personified’. Who would have thought it?


3 thoughts on “Huge Blow To Remain Camp as Cameron Admits – ‘We Don’t Need The EU To Protect Workers Rights’”

  1. The reason for Corbyn’s bizarre about face on the EU is this. He is a combative old Class Warrior, and if the Leave campaign win, he will be left without an important axe to grind. No EU membership, no need for curmudgeonly old Comrades.


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