The British Must Not Repeat The Mistake Of Grexit

In 2012 the Greek people were told that a Grexit would have serious consequences for its economy.

The Greek debt crisis had been going on for 2 years and things were already bad enough. They were told that only by staying in the EU would they save their economy. How wrong could they be?

Every year that followed their crisis worsened resulting in the height of the crisis in 2015 and to this day Greece is in economic and societal strife. Schools and hospitals closed, unemployment amongst the young is at 50% and there is virtually nothing left in private ownership.

The crisis may have in part been of the Greek governments own doing but there is no doubt that the EU and it’s financial institutions misjudged the Greek economy, lent irresponsibly and then showed no mercy on the Greek people in demanding austerity be the way forward to repay debts they couldn’t afford to repay.

It’s true that most Greek people do wish to stay in the EU. Originally because they were warned of the dire consequences if they left and now because they know, there is no Greek central bank, they would still be saddled with the debt from the Troika even if they went their own way and they knew with the finances in a dire situation it could be suicide for their pensions and businesses that were left. Stuck between a rock and a hard place the Greeks almost feel like they have no choice.

Observe the written piece in the photo below (this is just one section from the article at the link below). Look at the words and ask yourself, “does all this sound familiar?” Then ask yourself.. “what if the Greeks had bitten the bullet back in 2012?”

Section from 2012 article on Grexit

Where have you heard those words before? From the exact same people warning of dire consequences if the UK leaves the European Union. Thanks for the advice but we will take our chances.

Some people have suggested that voting to remain in the EU is showing solidarity with the Greeks. You are entitled to think that of course, however we believe that to show true solidarity, we should do what the Greeks couldn’t, and can’t bring themselves to do, help end the system that ultimately brought Greece to its knees.

Greece is suffering and will continue to suffer whether it stays or is forced to leave through the destruction of the EU, if it happens, via a Brexit/Lexit vote.

This isn’t about austerity or the financial system or the part that the Greek government played or the part that the financial institutions played in the demise of the birthplace of democracy.. this is about all of it. This is about how the European countries treated one of its own in its hour of need. This is about how European nations have treated one of its own when the Refugee crisis struck and the lack of assistance Greece was given by the EU.

Solidarity? Who needs solidarity with friends like this.

Article on the 2012 possibility of Greek Grexit


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