Bourgeoisplaining – The Middle Classes Are Revolting

One thing many on the left of the political spectrum can attest to during this EU referendum is the level of hostility between themselves.

You have many following Jeremy Corbyn and his vision for a future within the EU and you have those on the side of Lexit (the left case for Brexit), the long time stance of the entire left spectrum, until now. Lexit have an internationalist vision and the hope of a new world away from blocs of nations who compete globally for the best deal capitalism can garner for itself.

There is though one more type of reaction many on the Lexit Left are experiencing…


Another Europe is possible…if you have a second home in Normandy…

It’s like ‘manplaining‘, where men speak down to women in a condescending way, but replace the ‘man’ with the ‘middle classes’ who speak down to the working class as if they know what’s best for them.

Observe this satirical example of Bourgeoisplaining.

Look, people have to stop blaming the banks and the corporations for the debt crisis in Greece as it was the Greek governments fault and the fault of the Greeks for not paying their taxes.

The IMF are the good guys and are actually just trying to help Greece come to a new arrangement, a new deal.. our attempt to reform Europe is working and neo liberalism is dying!

You’re destroying workers rights everywhere! I’m voting in solidarity with my middle class chums in Brussels! You can bugger off and do what you like, I’m off for a latte in Paris thanks to my 60K job in financing at the Commission.
Solidarity Comrades!

They will use phrases such as ‘social mobility’ and ‘we are Europeans’ as if that is somehow evidence of how worldly they are. They assume everyone who is voting out is a dedicated racist foaming at the mouth with xenophobic rage.


They will claim their vision is all knowing and progressive but fail to understand that progressive is opening up to and dealing with the world. They will say that Lexit voters are often ‘thick chavs’ who don’t know what they are doing.

They cite the ‘collapse and financial strife’ if we leave the EU but fail to understand that progression for the working classes has always come via struggle. Most Lexiters will admit that there may be some upheaval for a short while but that struggle will be worth the benefits in the end, especially if we can foster better democracy and representation on our own doorstep.

A 'live' example of Bourgeoisplaining

The Bourgeoisplainers will tell us they will miss out on cheap flights and lower mobile phone tariffs, they won’t be able to visit Paris or Brussels as easily, they won’t be able to go to their European Condo as often and then, to top it all off, they cite the workers of Europe.

Thanks. Thanks for thinking of the workers. We are so glad for your support and so too are the Greek workers as the Bourgeoisplainers blame them for their financial strife and defend the international banks and the EU system that led to their troubles. seems the middle classes are revolting.. just not in the way any of us expected.

With thanks to Laura, John R., Alex, Richard and John M. (Especially John M.)


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