Lexit The Movie & The Case For A Left Wing Exit

The Lexit Movie is the left wing case for voting out of the European Union. The movie was put together in 2 weeks and cost £6,000 to put together. Below is that final production. Further down you will find some other useful articles and links. Here then is a ‘compendium’ for the left wing case to vote out of the EU.

“Every rotton, rapacious, exploiting capitalist corporation is fighting… to get working people to vote remain, if that doesnt make you smell a rat, what would? These are giant rats!”
– George Galloway

Lexit – The Left Leave Campaign
Labour Leave Campaign
Ninja News – Alternate media (pro Lexit)
Fifth Opinion – Alternate media (pro Lexit)

Other Left wing arguments to leave.

The British must not repeat the mistake of Grexit

Jacob Reese-Mogg destroys George Osbornes claim that he will introduce an emergency budget where he will raise income tax – Facebook Video

Cameron Admits we don’t need workers rights

Huffington Post – Can the left really support remain?

Cameron inadvertently argues a case to leave the EU over workers rights

The real affect the EU had on Greece – Video short by Labour Leave on FB

How a vote to leave the EU will hurt the 1%

Think there won’t be an EU army? – Video on Facebook with source links.

14 Reasons to vote Leave

Compilation of Hilary Been being challenged on points about remaining in the EU. Benn struggles to find answers.

How the Obama intervention turned some voters off

Why a vote to remain is playing with Democracy

We would love to add any articles you have found useful to this short list. Let us know in the comments and we will try to include as many as possible.






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