Horrific Nature Of Abuse Toward MP’s Revealed

Over the past few months Labour MP’s have spoken of the incredible abuse they have come under by constituents. It is of such a serious nature that;

  • NEC (National Executive Committee) meetings have had to be held in secret.
  • CLP (Constituency Labour Party) meetings have had to be cancelled indefinitely.
  • Police have been called in to investigate allegations of assault
  • Leadership candidate Angela Eagle had to be temporarily moved into police protection after an attack on her constituency office. 
  • ‘Far left entryists’ are having to be weeded out of the membership due to the threat they pose to the safety of CLP staff.

Amongst the most serious and well documented allegations of abuse was claimed by Jess Phillips MP (The one that ‘jokingly’ said she would “stab Corbyn in the front”). Phillips said she was subjected to 600 tweets on Twitter in one night joking about raping her. 

That’s not quite how it went down. It was a bending of the truth probably because she hadn’t bothered to actually look into what was said. Probably the reason no one has been charged by the police despite the central culprit in question being easily found on the Internet.

So.. we went in search..

Here is the original tweet that set everything in motion;

Now we will be the first to condemn misogyny and any threat to rape. However this isn’t a rape threat, it’s the reverse. As horrible as the tag line to the subsequent video is and in poor taste it may be it certainly doesn’t amount to a threat to rape and when you understand the context, a picture begins to emerge. The video below is the video shown in the above tweet. Fast forward to the 17 minute mark approximately and you will find the author talking about a feminist article that Jess Phillips had written. He makes the comment “I wouldn’t even rape you” in response to a quote in her article. Again, I stress, it is perhaps in bad taste and still an unacceptable phrase to use but this does put the comment, like it or not, into context 

Subsequently after the tweet was put online with the headline grabbing text it was seen and clearly discussed by at least..600 people. We haven’t seen them all.. and we doubt Jess Phillips has either but we are left in little doubt with some of the tweets we have seen as shown earlier in this article that most were either retweeting the article or discussing it and not directly threatening her as was stated in the Guardian article;

“A Labour MP has said she may leave Twitter after trolls sent her more than 600 messages in one night about raping her.

Jess Phillips spoke out after a wave of abuse was launched against her, apparently after she replied to one person who said: “I wouldn’t even rape you.”

– The Guardian 

      Jess Phillips original tweet says she had 600 ‘mentions’. Very different from “messages’ as the Guardian states. And maybe the answer is not to respond to people throwing abuse at you on the Internet. Because when you do.. you only highlight the offending post. It’s just common sense. 

      So in summary what we have is an overblown claim of abuse where Jeremy Corbyn is accused of not doing enough to protect MP’s. What should Jeremy do? Police the Internet himself? Stop bloggers? Invoke a North Korean style purge of the world wide web on UK servers? 

      That’s the worst of the abuse MP’s face. 

      Other examples include an allegation of spitting at the Brighton CLP meeting just over a week ago. Although nothing concrete about the incident has been discussed.

      There was a brick thrown through Angela Eagles constituency office window… oh wait… no… that was a window to a stairwell in a building that housed 6 businesses including the office of Angela Eagle which incidentally was untouched. It also worth pointing out that locals have said the area is often the victim of vandalism, or at least it wouldn’t be out of place. Oddly enough the constituency  office window had a Labour sign in it. The suspect was either really stupid or just a local vandal who didn’t give a damn what offices were inside. Either way there is no direct suggestion that her staff were targeted. 

      The truth about Angela Eagles broken window – Video below 

      Another long article again by the Guardian goes to great lengths to talk of abuse towards MP’s but it doesn’t really touch on many specific allegations, again it chooses to highlight threats toward Jess Phillips 

      “Last month, Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, said she received more than 600 threats of rape in one night on Twitter”

      The Guardian 

      The article also refers to a repeated rape threat from one individual back in 2014. That man was jailed for 18 months.

      It also states that that one anonymous aide to an MP regularly reported threats to police with around 10% deemed to be illegal and worthy of police investigation  in some way. But even then that doesn’t mean that 10% were convicted. 

      There are few specific examples of abuse towards Labour right wing/centre ground PLP members as a result of Jeremy Corbyn supporters, indeed it’s likely that no MP could point toward anything illegal done in the name of Jeremy Corbyn that led to police intervention. Which gives rise to the questions why are Labour MP’s making such a fuss now? Why are Labour MP’s throwing Jeremy Corbyn’s name into the ring everytime they receive some online abuse? 

      The problem doesn’t appear to be overly prevelent, the problem doesn’t seem to be a sustained attack and certainly few MP’s can seem to be able to give many specific  examples of the abuse they receive and when they do, it’s often misconstrued, an outright fabrication (who remembers Lucy Allen MP and her entirely manufactured death threat) or simply blown out of all proportion. 

      No MP should have to suffer direct threats to their wellbeing but we must also ensure that MP’s do not use social media insults and abuse as a stick to beat down democracy which is exactly what is happening in Labour right now. Online abuse will likely always happen and when you’re in the public spotlight I am afraid to say you have to suck some of that abuse up. You’re dealing with people’s lives and futures. You make incredible decisions that affect everyone to one degree or another and you will annoy some people and they will vent their anger. You can’t afford to be offended at every tweet and Facebook post. Get over it and get on with running the country. It’s not Jeremy Corbyn that is failing to be a strong enough leader, after all he himself has been in receipt of plenty of online abuse including from some of his own MP’s, it’s you, the backstabbing plotters that are not strong enough to cope with change. 

      How many times have you been to a job interview where the requirement is ‘must be good at dealing with change’ or similar wording. Some Labour MP’s would never get a job in the real world.
      One of our readers kindly reminded us about Angela Eagles allegation of receiving homophobic abuse at her constituency meeting recently.. only for it to be revealed she had not even attended the meeting. 

      In case you hadn’t noticed… there is a coup going on. If you honestly believe that the allegations of abuse are as substantial as some MP’s are making out, you’re not paying close enough attention. There is a war taking place.. it’s not in Turkey where the recent attempted coup took place, it’s here inside the Labour Party, a coup on our own doorstep and Labour PLP are trying to win you round to their way of thinking. Don’t believe the lies. Research. 

      (Screenshot from a Forum link at UK Police Online discussing the offence of threats to kill)

      We couldn’t really complete the article without mentioning Jo Cox. Her sad death was committed by a far right supporter who may or may not be mentally ill. No connection to Labour in the slightest and that incident has to be taken in isolation. May her husband and children recover from their loss.


      French Terror – The Problem is France Not ISIS

      ​Charlie Hebdo, The Bataclan and Nice. All have connotations today with terrorism in Europe. In the latest attack the finger is again pointed toward terrorism and by definition it is or it would be if there had been a stated political aim. The fact there was no stated political aim puts this in the category of mass murder. Even ISIS have not claimed responsibility for this latest attack, at least at the time of writing. Even if they did it seems to have escaped the attention of many that IS may just about claim responsibility for any act of terror it can if it furthers their rhetoric across the globe.

      Not one of these acts of terror has been the work of IS. Not directly. They have been nothing more than a catalyst for the downtrodden and persecuted. This is not to defend the actions of the murderers instead merely to suggest that religion and IS in particular are not the driving force behind it.

      Instead the driving force is French national policy. France has seen rioting over the past couple of decades from ethnic communities where unemployment is high and discrimination based on culture and the colour of skin is rife. 2005 saw some of the worst rioting in recent times and for a couple of years after, rioting would make headlines again. 

      Civil Unrest in the French Suburbs, November 2005 – An Overview 

      The average age of most of the terrorists in all three recent attacks in France can be put at around 30 years of age. 

      In the Charlie Hebdo attack the three main suspects were:

      • Chérif Kouachi, 32, French national
      • Said Kouachi, 34, French national
      • Amédy Coulibaly, 32, French national 

      At the Bataclan:

      • Abdelhamid Abaaoud, Belgian National, 20
      • Bilal Hadafi, French national, 20
      • Salah Abdeslam, French National, 26
      • Brahim Abdeslam, Belgium national, 31
      • Omar Ismail Mostefai, French national, 29
      • Samy Amimour, French national, 28
      • Abdel Hamid Abaaoud, 27, French national 
      • Hasna Aiboulahcen, 26, French national


      • Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, French national.Lived in Tunisia until 2005 before living in France.

      2012, The Guardian – Racial hatred poisoning France

      That means that 11 years ago back in 2005 the average age of each and every attacker would have been around 19 years of age. With a few exceptions most were living in France at the time.

      2015, The Guardian – Nothing has changed in the last 10 years

      Growing up as a young person in France around 2005 would have almost certainly had a profound effect on the mindset of ethnic French men and women. It would have fostered long standing resentment and anger. Unemployment amongst young ethnic men was standing at around 40%, just shy of the record levels of unemployment in Greece right now. France did try to address the imbalance but it didn’t go far enough and the push to make corrections didn’t translate to the people of France in general. There was a chasm in undemanding of the problems and implementation of national policy. It was a failure on the part of government. 

      The problems were never rectified and even after the riots of 2005 and 2006 and beyond they were not met with new policies on how to address the anger and hatred but instead Nicholas Sarkozy ordered a zero tolerance approach to disorder. This only poured fuel onto the fire and when all dissent and disorder had been crushed what would have been left for the immigrants and ethnic nationals? Problems still persist to this day. 

      Now, 11 years later those same 19 year olds are adults and full of resentment. Older, wiser and more clever and certainly far more damaged. At this point all that is needed to trigger the self destruct button is a catalyst. That catalyst came in the form of IS.

      “To get a better idea of the causes of the November 2005 urban riots in France, which have claimed 200 million euros in damaged property and one death, one should try to forget about theoretical models and concentrate on specific factors that caused the eruption at this specific moment and in these specific places. Those factors includethe particular French ethnic context, economic conditions, discrimination, police violence, housing, and (bad) national policies. It should also be clear that despite the claims of many foreign commentators, religion was conspicuously absent from the mix.”
      – Understanding the French riots

      The 2005 riots came shortly after the end of the Iraq war and many then knew what everyone knows now. That the war was if not illegal, highly immoral and the result was a generation of new terrorists and disenfranchised youths. Of course ethnic men in France would have felt a sense of solidarity in some respects with those in Iraq and other nations that were affected by the war. IS was born out of the Iraq war and they have been successful in galvanising huge support and even those who do not necessarily share the IS ideology which is rooted in Wahabbism will find some sense of unity with them in one way or another. Much in the same way that the working classes in 1970’s-1980’s England would turn to football hooliganism for their outlet for anger, the football was just a catalyst, not the driving force. Most if not all of the suspects in all three terrors attacks in France were not hardline devout Muslims. Reports stated that some liked the nightlife, gambling, drugs, some were involved in petit to serious crime. 

      French ethnic minorities rally in 2005

      Yet after everything, the authorities continue to insist IS is the problem. With Obama reiterating the intention to destroy IS, they are the catalyst, they should be destroyed, but unless we face up to the realities behind what really drives extremism in the West especially, then extremism will always come forth just in different ways. 

      Unless France deals with its problems internally there will never be a short supply of extremists. 

        (Video below: Paris Burning, David Brill investigates the social and racial fault lines of Paris)

        The PLP Deserve More Than A Solitary Brick Through The Window

        What exactly does someone deserve when they try to usurp democracy? 

        Imagine a scenario in a place like Venezuela where the authorities tried to rig an election or rig a government vote, there would be anger on the streets and likely demonstrations and probable direct action and maybe several violent encounters between the authorities and the civilians. 

        The UK has a far better democracy going for it and therefore its understandable why you won’t see mass violence in the streets when something goes wrong democratically. 

        However that shouldn’t mean we stand back and allow ourselves to be shoved aside by the elite just because usurping democracy here is a rare event. Some would argue our politicians are just better at hiding it than other nations and thus it just becomes ‘politics’.

        What then do you do when you have a scenario like what is happening today where Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party could well be ousted out of the running for a new leadership contest. He has an overwhelming mandate to lead the party. His leadership victory enthused hundreds of thousands and has reinvigorated the Labour Party to a level not seen since 1997 and this time it’s a leader who really is a socialist. A real opposition. 

        You may or may not agree with his style but this is an honest man. Who comes to a conclusion when he is ready and doesn’t make knee jerk reactions. He is the anti-politician, everything everyone always says they want from a politician and none of what they hate about politicians. So why then are we here in a situation where Angela Eagle has launched a leadership challenge and the NEC is voting if Corbyn should even be on the new leadership ballot? 

        The rules are very clear. The nominations needed to make a challenge refer to the challengers. Not the incumbent. Any numpty can see that this is what the rules state, only someone trying to whitewash Jeremy Corbyn out of existence would state there is some ambiguity to the rules. 

        Ever since Corbyn was nominated and then won the leadership battle less than a year ago the knives have been hovering around Corbyn’s back. Some stuck their knives in a long time ago, others are still sinking their knives in as this article is being typed. Their problem is that Corbyn is just too socialist, not centrist enough nor Blair enough. 

        What this has amounted to is a coup. What the NEC vote and the vile claim about the rules of nomination amounts to is a vindictive attempt to kick Corbyn out by any means necessary, to ignore the fact that Corbyn’s record so far has actually been sound, to ignore his popularity and to ignore the fact that what they are doing goes against any form of democratic process and it’s that lack of democratic process that led somebody to launch a brick through the window of Angela Eagles constituency office today. 

        Many have been condemning it and distancing themselves from it and perhaps that is wise but the reality is that Eagle deserves more than a brick through the window. She, along with the other PLP members that stabbed Corbyn in the back, need to either put up or shut up, put up or face deselection, put up or face demonstrations outside their offices, put up or face civil disobedient actions against their daily lives, put up or face the odd brick through a window for the crime of trying to usurp democracy. 

        What price must be paid for the democratic process by our silence? We need to do more than just say, in the words of Adam Curtis, “oh dear” 

        (Video: Adam Curtis – ‘Oh dearism’)

        Dallas Cop Killings, Reap What You Sow

        There are some incidents in life that every right minded person knows are wrong yet many would argue had to happen or at the very least secretly glad they did happen. 

        In Dallas today 10 police officers were wounded and at the time of writing 3 were critically injured and 5 are dead. The sniper took aim at the officers from a high rise building. This came during a Black Lives Matter protest after yet another young black man was shot dead by police, seemingly needlessly.

        Random killings whoever it is against, be it citizens or those in authority should be condemned and rightly treated as murder. The Black Lives Matter movement has rightly distanced themselves from violent acts and have done so again today in light of the Dallas shootings. After all, they are after justice and peace not revenge. 

        What though, if this becomes a tipping point for changes to police training? After a previous spate of previous cop on citizen killings changes were made to how officers are held to account by the introduction of body cameras. Yet the cop on citizen killings continued. 

        If these killings of the 5 police officers (so far) brings a renewed interest by Congress and the establishment to change the training of police officers across the US in how they deal with suspects, especially black suspects and ultimately results in the saving of black lives rather than their executions then with all the protests that preceeded it, the killings today will have served a purpose. 

        If one thing the establishment hates more than mindless killings of its citizens it’s mindless killings of its law enforcement. This may be a turning point in the history of the US. As one report put it, ‘this is greatest single loss of life amongst police officers since 9/11’. Something has to give.
        Of course though citizens should be cautious, whilst it may prove a monumental moment to policing in the US it may also bring with it a crack down on civilian life from the authorities. Harsher punishments, new laws to the detriment of freedom and of course harsher police brutality. 

        With some luck, and ideally before Obama leaves office (God help the citizens when either Clinton or Trump gets into power) something positive can come from the needless deaths.

        The establishment have only themselves to blame for this mess. For years they have dragged their feet on reform and treated their citizens like they don’t know any better. Well at least one of those citizens has responded in kind and has put blood on the hands of every congressman and women that ever failed to act to protect all citizens, especially those that are young and black. 

        Shocking, deplorable but inevitable.
        “You reap what you sow” could not be a more valid statement right now.