Dallas Cop Killings, Reap What You Sow

There are some incidents in life that every right minded person knows are wrong yet many would argue had to happen or at the very least secretly glad they did happen. 

In Dallas today 10 police officers were wounded and at the time of writing 3 were critically injured and 5 are dead. The sniper took aim at the officers from a high rise building. This came during a Black Lives Matter protest after yet another young black man was shot dead by police, seemingly needlessly.

Random killings whoever it is against, be it citizens or those in authority should be condemned and rightly treated as murder. The Black Lives Matter movement has rightly distanced themselves from violent acts and have done so again today in light of the Dallas shootings. After all, they are after justice and peace not revenge. 

What though, if this becomes a tipping point for changes to police training? After a previous spate of previous cop on citizen killings changes were made to how officers are held to account by the introduction of body cameras. Yet the cop on citizen killings continued. 

If these killings of the 5 police officers (so far) brings a renewed interest by Congress and the establishment to change the training of police officers across the US in how they deal with suspects, especially black suspects and ultimately results in the saving of black lives rather than their executions then with all the protests that preceeded it, the killings today will have served a purpose. 

If one thing the establishment hates more than mindless killings of its citizens it’s mindless killings of its law enforcement. This may be a turning point in the history of the US. As one report put it, ‘this is greatest single loss of life amongst police officers since 9/11’. Something has to give.
Of course though citizens should be cautious, whilst it may prove a monumental moment to policing in the US it may also bring with it a crack down on civilian life from the authorities. Harsher punishments, new laws to the detriment of freedom and of course harsher police brutality. 

With some luck, and ideally before Obama leaves office (God help the citizens when either Clinton or Trump gets into power) something positive can come from the needless deaths.

The establishment have only themselves to blame for this mess. For years they have dragged their feet on reform and treated their citizens like they don’t know any better. Well at least one of those citizens has responded in kind and has put blood on the hands of every congressman and women that ever failed to act to protect all citizens, especially those that are young and black. 

Shocking, deplorable but inevitable.
“You reap what you sow” could not be a more valid statement right now.


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