The PLP Deserve More Than A Solitary Brick Through The Window

What exactly does someone deserve when they try to usurp democracy? 

Imagine a scenario in a place like Venezuela where the authorities tried to rig an election or rig a government vote, there would be anger on the streets and likely demonstrations and probable direct action and maybe several violent encounters between the authorities and the civilians. 

The UK has a far better democracy going for it and therefore its understandable why you won’t see mass violence in the streets when something goes wrong democratically. 

However that shouldn’t mean we stand back and allow ourselves to be shoved aside by the elite just because usurping democracy here is a rare event. Some would argue our politicians are just better at hiding it than other nations and thus it just becomes ‘politics’.

What then do you do when you have a scenario like what is happening today where Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party could well be ousted out of the running for a new leadership contest. He has an overwhelming mandate to lead the party. His leadership victory enthused hundreds of thousands and has reinvigorated the Labour Party to a level not seen since 1997 and this time it’s a leader who really is a socialist. A real opposition. 

You may or may not agree with his style but this is an honest man. Who comes to a conclusion when he is ready and doesn’t make knee jerk reactions. He is the anti-politician, everything everyone always says they want from a politician and none of what they hate about politicians. So why then are we here in a situation where Angela Eagle has launched a leadership challenge and the NEC is voting if Corbyn should even be on the new leadership ballot? 

The rules are very clear. The nominations needed to make a challenge refer to the challengers. Not the incumbent. Any numpty can see that this is what the rules state, only someone trying to whitewash Jeremy Corbyn out of existence would state there is some ambiguity to the rules. 

Ever since Corbyn was nominated and then won the leadership battle less than a year ago the knives have been hovering around Corbyn’s back. Some stuck their knives in a long time ago, others are still sinking their knives in as this article is being typed. Their problem is that Corbyn is just too socialist, not centrist enough nor Blair enough. 

What this has amounted to is a coup. What the NEC vote and the vile claim about the rules of nomination amounts to is a vindictive attempt to kick Corbyn out by any means necessary, to ignore the fact that Corbyn’s record so far has actually been sound, to ignore his popularity and to ignore the fact that what they are doing goes against any form of democratic process and it’s that lack of democratic process that led somebody to launch a brick through the window of Angela Eagles constituency office today. 

Many have been condemning it and distancing themselves from it and perhaps that is wise but the reality is that Eagle deserves more than a brick through the window. She, along with the other PLP members that stabbed Corbyn in the back, need to either put up or shut up, put up or face deselection, put up or face demonstrations outside their offices, put up or face civil disobedient actions against their daily lives, put up or face the odd brick through a window for the crime of trying to usurp democracy. 

What price must be paid for the democratic process by our silence? We need to do more than just say, in the words of Adam Curtis, “oh dear” 

(Video: Adam Curtis – ‘Oh dearism’)


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