Labour Traitors Will Trigger General Election

Watson and Co. are damaging Labour more than Corbyn ever could and it will likely pave the way for Theresa May to call an early general election. What happens next within Labour will determine when that election is called. 

Watson, Smith, Eagle and the likes of Mandelson behind the scenes are either deliberately derailing Labour or they just don’t see it that way. If Corbyn wins the election, and he almost certainly will, then the Blairites (let’s call them exactly what they are) must get behind Corbyn and work towards winning in 2020 no matter how much they think they won’t win. They must at least act like they will win and never again backstab Corbyn in public. Labour must appear United. Failure to do so will indeed lead to a loss in 2020 and the tories will reign for another 5 years. What they seem to forget is that if they can back or show solidarity with Corbyn and then go on to lose in 2020 they can turn around and say “told you so”. If Corbyn however did win in 2020 then it is they who will have been proved wrong. To continue down this path of self destruction will only further alienate the public the Blairites are trying to win over and potentially Labour will never see power again. It will be even more acute if the party ends up splitting. 

So what exactly do the Blairites hope to achieve by continuing down this path? The answer seems to be that they are running scared of the party becoming unelectable. They believe that if Labour becomes too left wing it won’t appeal enough to the centre ground and thus keep Labour out of power for many years to come. This is why they continue to smear the membership as entryists and Marxists and Trotskyists. The incorrect negative connotations those words have will play on the minds of the centre ground public and they hope this will get people to vote for Smith. The truth is no one really cares. The people who think that those kinds of supporters are a threat to Labour are the same people who believe that communists are the same as the Red Army. Communism is not bad. Trotskyism is also not bad. They can both be a positive force in politics. 

Have a listen to the short video below. Polly Toynbee speaking on Dateline BBC on 14/08/16. She speaks of everything mentioned above including the idea that Labour must appeal to the centre ground and attract Tory voters.

What is very important to many people is that a party stands for its beliefs and principals. Labour was founded for the workers it was founded and rooted deep in Socialism. It created many of the most socialist aspects of our lives today including of course the NHS. What good is a party if it goes against or at the very least waters down its founding principles purely to gain power? The Labour Party or any party may as well not exist if it doesn’t want to stay true to what it stands for. Those that are happy to change to fit the ethos of others may as well join another political party. The Blairites should go and join the Liberal Democrats. Corbyn is true Labour. Win or lose in 2020 Corbyn has, far from taken the party off course, has in fact put Labour back on course. If staying true to your beliefs is not good enough to win power then the challenge is to convince people to convert to our values not change the parties values to suit the electorate. 

So why and when will May call an early election? If The Blairites continue to destabilise the party in the event of a Corbyn victory or they split the party then May will wait until the optimum moment between the disarray of Labour and the stability of the UK in terms of Brexit. At that moment she will gamble on an early election, she won’t want to wait for things to right themselves within Labour or indeed for any element of Brexit to come back and haunt her re-election chances. 

Stability or unity within Labour will not be a good thing for the tories. Secretly they must be hoping that Corbyn doesn’t get his own way because the truth is, politics around the world is changing, people have had enough of the status quo. 

Isn’t it odd that for years we have heard the public and some MP’s parrot those members of the public saying that politicians are no longer trusted, that MP’s are not in touch with the public, that things need to change. Well Corbyn is perhaps that change personified, yet now we see those same politicians beating down on Corbyn at every opportunity. What are they afraid of. When did fairness in society become a dirty phrase? 

Corbyn has promised a mass house building programme, a re-nationalisation of the railways, tenancy protection for renters, a people’s bank, people’s quantative easing and a bank of the North to build a truly competitive Northern industrial centre. The difference between Corbyn and other politicians promising similar things? I believe Corbyn. 


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