Owen Smith Emerges From 1997 Deep Freeze

In news that won’t shock anyone the Conservatives have a secret plan to privatise the NHS. 

However it appears that Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith has awoken from a deep freeze and realised what is happening. So incensed at the news he unwittingly released this ‘news’ to the mainstream media who also appears to have failed to notice this ‘news’ has been circulating for quite a few years now. 

In an incredible faux pas he released this ‘news’ off the back of claiming that he will do things ‘differently’ and be more than just ‘talk’. However Jeremy Corbyn had realised what the Conservatives had been up to for quite some time and it turns out that Smith is just repeating – again – what Corbyn had been saying all along. 

The BBC article this morning along with Sky News have also been one step behind leading some to think that there may be a joint media-PLP conspiracy to put Corbyn in a light of ‘being behind’ and Smith being ‘in-the-know’.

However people who haven’t been in the deep freeze for the past 19 years were quick to clock on to this utter tripe and turn to the man that is already spearheading the challenge against the Tory party, that man being Jeremy Corbyn.


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