Why Jeremy Corbyn Sitting On The Floor Of A Train Is Exactly What The Public Have Been Clamouring For. 

It is understandable that you may believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the greatest risk to the nation since Hitler decided to try and conquer Europe. It is understandable if you believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the most dangerous man ever to attempt to lead this country forward. It is understandable because the media generally seems to be very much shouting it from the rooftops. Every paper appears to tell you how silly, how naive, how inept and how inexperienced this man is and how it would be entirely dangerous to the nation to allow this man to lead us.

Many (certainly not all) Politicians appear to sing from the same hymn sheet on this along with businessmen and their corporations and the money men that control them. Why would you ever want to vote for a man that attracts such widespread condemnation?

Think back 5 years, 10 years and more. There is a common refrain from the public that politicians are “out of touch with ordinary working people” that politicians “spend our money needlessly” that politicians “do not listen to us” that politicians are “only interested in themselves and their pay packets“. 

There are very few politicians around that these phrases can’t be levelled at. We know all too well what politicians are capable of. In recent memory we have some stark examples such as ever increasing MP pay increases whilst everyone else takes pay cuts and freezes or the expenses scandal which still rumbles on today. Then there is the million plus people that marched against the Iraq war, yet still a Centrist Labour prime minister ignored the people and took us to war that led to the destabilisation of the entire Middle Eastern region that presents us with the chaos we see around the globe today, more so in Europe than ever before. That’s what happens when we get the tired old establishment in charge of our affairs. That’s what happens when the politicians don’t listen to the public.

So here we have Jeremy Corbyn. He may not be able in the future to address all our concerns and he may not speak the language of every citizen but what he does do is offer fairness for everyone. He offers justice for the downtrodden and prosperity for all. He offers cheaper transport and a green energy boom which will create thousands upon thousands of new jobs. He offers hope to millions stuck in low paid jobs and zero hours contracts. He offers peace rather than relentless wars that we have little business taking part in. What is wrong with that picture. Ask yourself that very question. What is wrong with that picture? The answer is; Nothing.

If you live in the North he offers a ‘Bank of the North’ a true financial and investment plan for the future. Unlike George Osbornes fruitless promises, Corbyn means what he says. He offers a people’s bank that is not tied to investment and big payouts for doing absolutely nothing. A people’s quantative easing where when the economy struggles it won’t be a transfer of money to the most wealthy in society, it will be to bail out the most poor in society who can’t fend for themselves. A re-nationalisation of the railways where travel becomes affordable once more and a £10 minimum wage. Notice it’s a minium wage and not the false living wage that Cameron’s government hoodwinked the public with.

So what does Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the Floor of a train have to do with anything? 

In an article today, the Guardian reports that a freelance journalist who has been following Corbyn and some of his supporters around the country captured the moment that Corbyn in a packed out train chose to sit on the carriage floor rather than spend tax payers money upgrading to first class. This is not a PR stunt, he does this as a matter of course. Jeremy Corbyn is a genuine man of the people. He cares over and above party politics and showmanship what happens to you. He is everything the political establishment is not. The image of him sitting on the carriage floor of that train should be evidence enough that he is not like the others. This is a man who means what he says and will try and do all that he promises. Can anyone say that of any other leader in memory? 

Yesterday in another article news has broken that a Labour anti-corbyn group will spend upwards of £250,000 paying journalists and bloggers to write negatively about Jeremy Corbyn, they will pay for online adverts pushing Owen Smith. Yet this group is made up of the very politicians that the public despise using money from the very sources that people around the globe are fed up with, big business and past politicians. 

The group, ‘Labour Tomorrow’, was formed by a Gordon Brown Aide along with Lord David Blunkett and Peer Baroness Dean funded by hedge fund managers, other Peers and big business such as Betterworld LTD and Fieldbonds LTD. If you’re happy with that then by all means vote for Smith. If you are fed up with that kind of back slapping politics, vote Corbyn. The reason they are running scared of Corbyn is because he can’t be paid to do what they want, he will do what’s in your interests. It really is that simple. 

In a final nail in the coffin against the politicians who claim they are not centre ground or ‘Blairites’, this quote from the above mentioned article says it all;

Labour Tomorrow is a “new solution to help fund projects to re-energise the centre of Labour politics”. 

– Lord Blunkett

Blairism is the centre ground. Don’t believe a word of it when they tell you that the establishment are anything but Left wing. They want you to believe that purely to gain power under Owen Smith. Once in, they will fail you again. 


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