Corbyn Can Win But Coup Damage To Party Is Terminal 

When Corbyn wins the second Labour leadership contest in September it will be well deserved and it will also be justice for the membership. What happens next will determine the future of Labour. 

It is possible Corbyn can win a general election despite the scaremongering and doubters protestations that Corbyn cannot win but what will be crucial will be how the PLP at large play their next hand. 

If they back Corbyn at least publicly and keep any arguments and disagreement to private quarters then there is every chance that the fight against the Tories can be won. If they continue to publicly berate Corbyn then it will further bring the party to its knees. The disunity could end any chance of a victory in 2020. That will be on the shoulders of the coup plotters, no matter how much they pretend it is the fault of Corbyn’s policies. Corbyn has been given little time or chance to develop his policies, after all, the plotters were out to get Corbyn from day one. That is a fact, not a conspiracy. 

Even if the PLP succeed in ousting Corbyn or even if Corbyn loses in 2020 and steps down it is hard to imagine the thousands upon thousands of Corbyn supporters voting for any of the 80% of MP’s who stabbed Corbyn in the back. The result of such an eventuality will lead to Labour being out of power for many, many years to come, the damage to the party has been done by the coup plotters. Irreparably so. Corbyn supporters will look at any future election failure as the result of sabotage within party ranks and that is a bridge that will not be crossed easily. 

I can hear the plotters now, “Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has dealt a blow to Labour’s chances at being elected for ten or more years, the damage he has done is long term and it is up to us now to rebuild this party and make us a credible force once more in politics”

No. The damage to Labour has not been caused by his leadership but their incessant sniping and backstabbing and public condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn. It is this that will have done the damage and they should be made to pay. Few people will ever vote for them in the future, no matter what they say or claim. Quite simply without the memberships voice and vote being honoured and respected there will be no trust between membership and PLP for a long time, if ever again.


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