Is the political left in the West unfairly pro-Russia?

Many on the left can be considered on the face of things to be pro-Russia or more specifically pro-Putin in many cases. Certainly when it comes to a stand off between Russia and the US it is common to see anti-US sentiment in favour of Russia. 

When it comes to Ukraine it is rarely seen as Russian aggression as the issue but more US imperialism being the cause of the conflict. In fact many believe that US meddling in Maiden has led directly to the Russia/Ukraine conflict.
Does that view hold up to scrutiny? Is Russia a world threat or perhaps just a local agitator or is Russia unfairly criticised by the imperial West? Just what is the truth? 

Even if Russia has a lot to answer for in Ukraine does that automatically translate into a more global threat? Do the people of Ukraine want to be part of Europe or Russia? 

I will be doing a left wing self-critical investigation into the truth of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. I will be taking comment from Ukrainians and Russians directly from their respective nations via groups, message boards and social mediums such as Periscope as well as taking opinions of Westerners from places such as the US and UK. 

With all the available information from mainstream media and independent media I will be trying to decipher wether our understanding of Russia is fair or unjust. 

I am asking you, our readers, to join the debate tell us why you support Russia or why you back Ukraine and what you think is going on in Ukraine itself. We may use quotes from the responses to make up part of the investigation.

By doing this investigation we aim to give a voice to those in Eastern Europe affected by the conflict and to challenge our own perception as left wing political activists. 

You can help by either commenting on this blog or by contacting us at and soon we will release the findings of our investigation.


One thought on “Is the political left in the West unfairly pro-Russia?”

  1. Lefty Brit hear. Whatever the rights and wrongs of what’s happening in Ukrain (and it seems to me that overthrowing there fraudulently elected leader was justified, although I know our media probably hansen’t shown me all angles) Russia is very wrong to make a opportunistic and highly provocative land grab.


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