NHS Jr.Dr’s to strike for 5 days. They deserve our backing.

NHS Junior Doctors will strike for five straight days from Monday 12th until Friday 16th September with a “full withdrawal of labour”

Jeremy Hunt called it “Devastating news for patients”. Hunt also asked the BMA why they had accepted and endorsed the contract in light of this development. 
Jeremy Hunt forgets that the BMA had said they would only consider the contract and as expected the Junior Doctors have once again rejected the contract. 

We fully support the Junior Doctors for two reasons, one being that a move to a full NHS service requires a significant increase in staffing levels to ensure it truly is a seven day service and current staff are not stretched. There is no huge increase in staff numbers expected and considering Hunt has promised a reduction in working hours it seems an impossible situation to force on Junior Doctors and patients. In any case, a recent government report has stated that the plans are unworkable. 

Secondly, if the workers of this country can be told that they must sign and change contracts against their will or face a possible job loss then it would mean all workers can simply rip up their contracts as worthless. They are standing up for your working rights. 

Back the Junior Doctors. Protect their rights, protect yours.

(On another note does anyone know how Hunt retained his job?)


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