A human reaction to an inhumane problem

So often I hear the same complaints from people that have no interest in politics. It usually revolves around working long hours and struggling to make ends meet. 

It’s a common complaint amongst much of the populous and it’s a complaint you would think people would be willing to follow up and do something about, yet they don’t. In fact far from taking up the cause they resign themselves to thinking there is nothing they can do to make any difference. You can tell people what the problem is but they either switch off or just think you are having a rant and that you no more have the answers than they do. 

Capitalism is the problem, a system that requires ever more profit to be made to survive and in doing so people work harder and longer for less. 

Here below is one recent genuine exchange that highlights this very issue. It also highlights how easy it is to blame others whilst completely ignoring the elephant in the room. The Government.

Tell me that it doesn’t resonate.

Video below: Inspiring video highlighting how we are all working harder for less and less.


Victory! Corbyn defies establishment again as he increases mandate

As expected Jeremy Corbyn has won the challenge to his Leadership from Owen Smith by a landslide. He won the contest by 61.8% to 38.2% for Owen Smith.

The contest was ultimately ill conceived, even from the outset, and a huge misjudgement on the part of the coup plotters and now the message has been received loud and clear that the membership want Jeremy Corbyn to lead the party to 2020.

The 80% of MP’s who voted ‘No Confidence’ in Jeremy Corbyn now have a decision to make. 

They can either publicly accept the vote and silently do their best for the party in the lead up to 2020 and begin to challenge the Tory party or they can choose to at worst split the party or at ‘best’ continue to bring the party into disrepute by speaking out against Corbyn and Labour’s chances in 2020. 

It’s a new chapter now and the next 24 hours may mark the next phase of events. For once the people at the top have not got their own way and that’s credit to people power and the leadership that Corbyn is displaying and the hope he is giving to thousands upon thousands and potentially millions of people who have had enough of the same old politics.

Time will tell if the reports of a party- within-a-party in the form of the mooted Co-operative Party will come into play or if a breakaway party is formed, for now though Jeremy Corbyn has defied the expectations of the elite again and that’s important for democracy and Owen Smith will do well to remember this moment as he mulls over his claim that members should be given more say in how Labour Party democracy works, one of his corner stone policies if he had won the leadership contest.

Official figures:

Possible Votes 654,006

Votes Cast 506,438

For Smith 193,229

For Corbyn 313,209

Jeremy Corbyn 61.8% of the vote

Owen Smith 38.2% of the vote

Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour Party for the second time in a year with an increase of around 2% of the vote.

An email to Angela Eagle

An email to Angela Eagle – 



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What is going on in Labour & is Corbyn electable? (Video)

Just what is the truth behind Jeremy Corbyn and the Coup? Is he really unelectable? Does the electorate really hate him and what can Jeremy Corbyn really offer that’s different?

This video is for the supporters as well as those who are on the fence. If you’re anti Corbyn, you still may want to listen to this. 

UKI Left brings you a down to earth honest opinion of the situation at hand.

Killing them softly

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

The 30 minute documentary film Killing Us Softly (1979) based on a lecture by Jean Kilbourne focuses on the effects of advertising on women’s self-image and the objectification of women’s bodies. Kilbourne argues that the superficial, objectifying and unreal portrayal of women in advertising lowers women’s self-esteem and that sexualized images of women are being used to sell virtually all kinds of goods.

Kilbourne then goes on to posit that these images degrade women, encourage abuse, and reinforce a patriarchal and sexist society. She also makes the connection between advertising and pornography, stating that “the advertisers are America’s real pornographers”.

Below is a video of Jean Kilbourne almost four decades later discussing her ideas as part of a campaign to bring her film to a new audience of young people. Significantly, she says since her film’s initial release in 1979 things have got worse, not better.

Thirty-six years…

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Evidence of collusion in plain sight between BBC and Anna Soubry 

If you don’t know by now how last night’s BBC Question time went then I can only suggest you seek out the videos in relation to the attacks on John McDonnell by the entire panel but specifically Anna Soubry, Alistair Campbell and David Dimbleby himself.

We though have noticed something that others may have not.

There is always debate around wether panelists are pre-prepared for the questions that will be levelled at them and somehow we expect that to be the case even if the BBC says it isn’t, but what if evidence arose that showed collusion?  Collusion between the BBC and another panelist(s) on attacking another panelist. 

Well, we believe that footage from the episode last night at the very least shows a good probability that collusion occurred. You can see the video at the end of this article but allow us to explain first what we are seeing. 

The video shows John McDonnell at the end of answering why Labour are behind in the polls. He is replying that the coup has been to blame and has been a “distraction” 

McDonnell is then interuptted by a query from David Dimbleby where he begins by saying..

“I’m interested in one thing do you think the country as a whole has moved to the left, I mean you make no bones about saying you’re a Marxist…”

McDonnell repeatedly states “I’m a socialist” but Dimbleby keeps repeating the same line about McDonnell being a Marxist. 

Here is where it gets interesting. At 31 seconds into the video Anna Soubry begins to intervene by saying “you said look…” whilst looking down at her piece of paper pointing with her finger.. she is unable to complete here sentence as Dimbleby continues his attack on McDonnell.  

At 42 seconds into the footage Soubry interrupts once again whilst also pointing to her piece of paper in the exact same position with her finger and says “you said ‘I’m a Marxist’” before exclaiming that people can go on YouTube to find the offending statement. 

As McDonnell continues to try to explain Soubry again interrupts saying “I’ll tell you something else, you’re a very nasty piece of work”

Now think. Dimbleby appears to have randomly brought up a prior talk by Mr McDonnell around his Marxist comment, it’s either an incredible coincidence that Soubry had the same comment about Marxism written down in front of her at that very moment or she was pretending to read off the piece of paper in front of her. 

As the footage twice caught her seemingly reading from the piece of paper it does suggest it was written down. Did she know that the comment about Marxism was coming from Dimbleby? If so, then it shows collusion in one way or another. Perhaps Dimbleby had pre-prepared the comment he was going to make but it’s odd that Soubry had the exact same comment written down. How could she have known it was coming? Or were the entire panel just so obsessed with the idea that McDonnell might be a Marxist that they all happened to write down that same quote? 

In fact it suggests that Dimbleby had told Soubry that he was going to bring it up during the show and Soubry had then written the quote down on her paper. The fact that Dimbleby allowed the tirade to continue against McDonnell without intervening shows a level of collusion we haven’t seen before. 

Make up your own mind. To us, it suggests collusion in which case an explanation needs to be given by the BBC around impartiality and bias.

Footage from BBCQT 

Neil Coyle MP experiences what it’s like to be a purged Labour member

Labour MP Neil Coyle appeared on Sky News earlier today speaking out against Jeremy Corbyn’s release of the 13 Labour MP’s who had been named in a list showing those MP’s which had used abusive behaviour or language towards, or about, Jeremy Corbyn. 
It has since been revealed that the list was unintentionally released as part of a briefing and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has issued an apology.

Listen though to how Neil Coyle speaks of the revelation in the video below from Sky News earlier.

Neil Coyle states..

“All I know is that the leader of my party has gone out of his way to issue a statement accusing me of abuse with no detail, no forewarning, no explanation of what I am accused of..”

He went on to say..

“..I’m trying to work out what I’m accused of and how to defend myself from defamation by my own party leader”

Now it’s at this point that I should just repeat what my mother said when she heard Mr.Coyle.. “Bumholes! The lot of them!”

However I shall instead just say this:

Maybe now you know how the up to ten thousand people each week being purged from the Labour Party feel. The people being suspended with no written or verbal explanation having to defend themselves against a spiteful backdrop of an anti democratic coup and party purge. 

Excuse us if there is no sympathy for your plight.