North Dakota Pipeline: Protesters force security to retreat

Saturday 3rd September, Protesters forced security to retreat from protecting the North Dakota Access Pipeline construction area after the private security guarding the site maced several protesters and their guard dogs bit several others. 

The dispute revolves around the proposed oil pipeline (known as the Bakken Oil pipeline) which will span US states including North and South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

Protesters though cite environmental concerns including that the pipeline will be laid underneath the Missouri River which locals say will endanger their water supplies. 

Learn more about the Souix tribes and their struggles here.

They also cite concerns that the pipeline will be laid through the sacred native American grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, an area which is of great historical and cultural significance.
Earth Justice are leading the charge against the pipeline with backing from Greenpeace after a letter was sent to President Obama protesting that insufficient consultation was conducted with the communities affected. 

Show support by joining the protest page on Facebook here

It follows on from previous protests of other pipelines including the infamous Keystone XL Pipeline where recently President Obama refused to sign off on the project much to the delight of protesters. 

(Below: Full video of the stand-off at the North Dakota Pipeline)


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