Juncker Proposes EU defence fund in drip-drip towards EU army

​Once upon a time the very idea of a single European Army was seen as an imperialist type of prospect. The wealthy EU club creating an unaccountable, harder to control single army to assist the UN and US in its world endeavours. It’s what America would have wanted. 

Then.. during the EU referendum we were told that the very idea of a single EU army was nonsense and there were no plans for a single EU military force. That was stated despite a white paper that was being released by the German government on the very idea of a single EU army and incidently was being withheld from release until after the EU referendum. 

Someone asked me at the time about how they would ever convince the public it was a good idea. I replied that it’s the drip-drip effect, where we will be fed a chorus of stories and misinformation that tells us, the people, that it’s in our interests to create this European Army and when the rhetoric reaches critical mass our own politicians will push the idea as the only answer to all our problems. 

So to today’s news. EU nations including the UK, for now, are being told this situation is costing us Billions and are being told that we must create a European defence fund

Should this idea come to pass and in the future we are told of the idea of a European Army they will likely cite it as a natural progression from not just the EU defence fund but also the current EU strike teams that already exist (but never used), after all… it would make sense wouldn’t it? 

That, my fiends, is exactly how the drip-drip effect works. Mind that your feet don’t get wet. 


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