Angela Eagle just revealed either her incompetence or her ignorance 

Angela Eagle spoke to Sky News prior to last night’s debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith which incidently, Jeremy Corbyn clearly won. 

In the interview she spoke about abuse aimed at Labour MP’s by Jeremy Corbyn supporters and she brought up the issue of the ‘brick thrown through her constituency window’. We all know by now the truth of the incident which was in contradiction to the official narrative across the mainstream media. You can refresh your memory of the incident here at the video below.

Interestingly during the interview clip on Sky News (which you can view below) Miss Eagle said;

“…the brick thrown through my office block…”

Wait a second! Did she just say “office block?” We could have sworn that the brick was thrown through her constituency office window just like the media had always stated and which has never been refuted by Angela Eagle nor by any of her team…

..the headlines were all stating that it was a brick thrown through Angela Eagles constituency “office” or “window”

This may seem on the face of it a small thing to point out but Angela Eagle has never acknowledged that the brick was thrown through a window that belonged to the “block” or indeed her ‘building’. 

It’s distinct in that if you or I were living or working in a block of flats or similar multi-occupancy building and a window was smashed in the communal areas, would you describe it as someone threw a brick through “your window“?

Even more incredibly Angela Eagle went on to say; 

“I’ve been told that I threw it, that it didn’t happen, that it’s all lies… it did happen, it’s as simple as that”

The interviewer asked “you’re convinced it happened because you stood as candidate?”

Angela Eagle replied;

“I’ve not made any statement about what it was”

Which is odd because a spokesman for Miss Eagle at the time of the incident had this to say;

Miss Eagle also made a comment to the press at the time, 

In fact, Miss Eagle Tweeted a statement at the time as well. No mention of ‘block‘, she actually makes it abundantly clear that it was her “office“. 

Before reading on watch the exchange on last night Sky interview at the video below. 

So why is this relevant now?

Angela Eagle claims that she has been harassed and abused and last night stated that she made no statement at the time of the incident, yet from the evidence above we clearly see she did indeed make more than one statement about the matter. She stated that the brick was thrown through her office window yet in the interview claims it was through her office block

If she was serious and confused about the level of abuse she was getting maybe she hasn’t understood why, which shows a complete disconnect with the situation and voters or is it perhaps it was on purpose to stoke the flames of tension between the PLP and members.

If she had cared to understand the reasoning behind the abuse she would learn that it was because the brick was not thrown through her office window but the block which housed several offices in a communal stairwell no less and was very possibly a complete coincidence. 

So to make a statement to the press as she did at the time was giving misinformation at best and stating a lie at worst. The incident at the time was reported as the actions of disgruntled Jeremy Corbyn supporters so you would think it best to come out and make a statement stating the facts.. not allow the mainstream media to condemn most of your party members as responsible. 

Instead Eagle last night washed her hands of the incident, not grasping the reasons why members were so irate at her behaviour and stance at the time. 

However, maybe she never wanted to understand.


11 thoughts on “Angela Eagle just revealed either her incompetence or her ignorance ”

  1. There was also the statement she made about police advising her to cancel her meetings with constituents, which the police refuted. The inference was that it was too dangerous for her to meet with the public, which was absolute bollocks.


  2. Plus the leadership election meeting in some city where she claimed that the venue cancelled due to threats, when they stated they had cancelled because it was not clear what the meeting was for, nothing to do with any threats.


  3. In the video we clearly see the broken glass on the ground outside oh the stair well this can only happen if the window was broken from the inside of the building


  4. I placed an FOI request with Merseyside police, but they are refusing to confirm that a brick was found at the scene.

    They also refuse to admit that Angela Eagle’s office itself was not attacked. Which is alarming because they made this very admission when Peter Hitchens of the Mail on Sunday rang up their press office (scroll down):

    An internal review failed and I will now appeal to the Information Commissioner:


  5. It is also the case that Angela’s mate – Jane Kennedy – came to the scene on the day and made statements asserting it was clearly Jeremy Corbyn supporters. Jane just happens to be the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner


  6. On the one hand, it’s probably true that she made a bit of a meal out of a minor incident that may have been a coincidence. On the other hand all this stuff about smears and threats to the establishment and so on goes off the rails in the other direction, looking for as much malice and as big and scary a conspiracy as possible.

    In all probability a thing happened, she exaggerated it a bit, it’s a moderately dirty play in a contest that she probably entered cos she thought she’d be a better leader than the current fellow, rather than because she’s a puppet of the Establishment Cabal or whatever. Move along, not nothing, but only a little, to see here.


  7. It is precisely because of MP’s like her that Scotland cleared all but one of them out. Good riddance to the Red Tories you have committed suicide up here there is now no way back for your lying Party there isn’t even a Scottish Labour Party only the Red Tory Party Northern Branch.


  8. Just a thought – where is the brick? Why have I not seen footage of someone standing by the building with the brick in their hand? How does Eagle (or anyone else) know that the window was broken by a thrown brick?

    As with the hotel story, where her statement was shown to be false, this was simply spin on her part. As for telling Corbyn to “call off his thugs”, what thugs would they be, then? Is she trying to suggest that JC has a band of trotskyite bully-boys who go around committing nefarious activities at his behest? That is the image she sought to project, and frankly I think that is slanderous.


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